Napa AutoCare Center

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Phases Preventative Maintenance Service

Our shop is prepared to deliver a host of maintenance services for your vehicle. As always, call for more information!

Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Complete general repair and preventative maintenance for all gas or diesel vehicles
  • Alignments
  • Emissions testing – Gas only
  • R-134A air conditioning charging, recycling and repair
  • Cooling system flush, recycling and repair:
    • Flush tee
    • Antifreeze recycling for better filtration of impurities and acids
    • Restore Ph balance
    • Adjust coolant freezing point
    • Pressure test cooling system and cap
  • Full engine oscilloscope analysis, which checks general engine condition including:
    • Charging system
    • Starting system
    • Engine ignition system
    • Check and diagnose vehicle computer problems
  • On vehicle rotor turning
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Ambulatory lift, lift gate and ambulatory maintenance and repair
  • DOT inspections and forms as required by DOTR write-up sheets and signing off on them according to federal regulations
  • Computer control repair using our OTC Genesys Scan System. Computer Code diagnosis for gas and diesel vehicles
  • BG Fuel injection cleaning – system cost $129.95. We suggest this on all our annual services or as needed.
  • BG Transmission flush – Cost $1219.95, filter is extra.
  • BG power steering flush – cost $69.95. We recommend this be done every 30,000 miles
  • BG diesel Fuel injection flush – cost $199.95. Restores performance, provides easier start-ups and better mileage.
  • BG carbon clean – cost $129.95. Restores performance and mileage

We also have comprehensive fleet service maintenance

Fleet Service Maintenance

Quarterly Service (Q) – every 3 months or 3,000 miles

  • Change oil and filter
  • Lube vehicle and check all fluid levels
  • Adjust brakes

Semi-Annual Service (S) – every 6 months or 6,000 miles. S-services are the same as A-service without the following:

  • No transmission service
  • No brake check – unless requested
  • No wheel bearing pack

Annual Service (A) – every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change air, fuel, and emission filters
  • Grease vehicle lube points
  • Check and fill all fluid levels
  • Check tire condition, pressures, tread depth and rotate tires
  • Check all breaks (mic drums and rotors, measure lining thickness and inspect all wheel cylinders, brake lines and all other components for leaks and proper operation and adjust all brakes)
  • Clean, inspect and repack front and/or rear wheel bearings
  • Service automatic transmissions (filter kit, new fluid and adjust bands)
  • Check front and rear suspension parts check steering components
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Clean and service battery
  • Check vehicle inside and outside for safety
  • Heck general tightness of fasteners
  • Check exhaust system for leaks
  • Adjust Clutch and pedal free travel
  • Check all tune-up parts
  • Scope engine and make needed adjustments using our SUN INTERROGATOR II
  • Steam clean the engine and transmission when needed
  • Road test of vehicle and safety forms
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