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Debby and Jeff Miller

When it comes to finding excellent auto repair in Colorado Springs, we’ve got you covered. Auto Repair Colorado Springs has been offering outstanding service for all automotive and truck repairs for the last 20 years.

Hello, my name is Jeff Miller. I am the owner of Phases Truck and Auto Repair. Back in January of 1989 I got my start as a mechanic for Jim Hill at the Resource Exchange in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were a non-profit organization serving mentally challenged kids. I worked in the transportation department keeping all the buses and vehicles running for our schools. At that time we were down on Mountview Lane off Nevada.

In 1996 the Transportation department of the Resource Exchange had become so successful that we had to spin it off and it became a for-profit company. Phases Truck & Auto Repair was born that day.

In 2000 we broke ground on our beautiful new shop on Paonia Street near Powers and Palmer Park. We do our best to treat people right. It must be working because we still service many of the same fleet customers like Headstart and the Jr. Academy, that we started with 25 years ago. We’ve learned over the years that its the special treatment you give people that really makes an impression. One lady called us in panic one day because her car had broken down and her kids were there with her. We hustled over,picked up the car and got her and the kids safely back to our shop. Within a few hours she was back on the road. She is still a customer today.

We do alot more than work on cars and trucks.. Over the years we have fixed some crazy vehicles at Phases Truck and Auto Repair. Forklifts, tractor trailers, boats, even wood chippers for city contractors have been repaired at our shop. Our first vintage car repair was a 69 Camaro SS. I love working on Vintage cars. The most unusual vehicle we ever worked on was some sort of special government satellite truck out of Schriever AFB. Never seen anything quite like it!

One of the best things we ever did at the shop was hire Marty as shop manager back in 2006. His vast knowledge, experience, and work ethic has helped Phases grow into what it is today. Just one example of how good Marty is. This lady came in off a Gazette oil change coupon recently. She had a couple of other issues with her car and she teared up when Marty took the time to carefully explain everything to her. She said nobody had ever done that for her before. She was very grateful for the service we provided.

At Phases Truck and Auto repair we know cars and trucks and we can fix about anything that has wheels. That includes anything that might be wrong with your brand new or very old vehicle. Call us or set an appointment online by Clicking HERE.

When it comes to auto repair shops in Colorado Springs, Phases is one of the best. Phases Truck & Automotive Repair, Inc. is a community-oriented Colorado Corporation. Our 11,000 square foot facility, located at 1670 Paonia, is able to hold many vehicles at one time. Four vehicles can be worked on at any time by any mechanic. The large space also allows vehicles to be pulled inside at night for added security.

Phases is a fully equipped, one-stop maintenance repair facility, servicing and repairing everything on your car, truck or van including major and minor repairs for all gas and diesel vehicles. We service all makes, models and styles of vehicles, offering great service at competitive prices and we stand behind what we do.

Vehicles are checked for warranty repair through our AllData Information System and can be shipped to the appropriate facility for a warranty repairs if required.

Phases Truck & Automotive Repair, Inc also specializes in Fleet maintenance. We can perform fleet services for companies with as few as two vehicles, or as many as fifty. We track monthly service intervals fore ach vehicle, sending letters to each of customers outlining each vehicle, service and estimated date of Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annual service.

Our fleet costumers rely on us to keep their vehicles up and running at all times, and we currently service 25 fleet companies, maintaining over 250 pieces of equipment. We check emission expiration and get required emission test done on feet vehicles when they’re in the shop for a service.

All of our technicians have 10-30 years experience and are certified with CDE and DOT. Our technicians also have an AllData information center which consists of the latest Technical Service Bulletins, diagnostic and repair procedures and an estimator with parts and labor guides to help maintain fleets more efficiently and accurately. In addition, we are trained to repair Ricon, Braun and Collin lift and tie down devices and we stock some repair parts.

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