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Zonar Announces the Broad Accessibility of Ground Traffic Control Efficiency with ZFuel

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE )– Zonar, a leading transportation technology company, announced today the general availability of the Ground Traffic Control (GTC) Performance bundle consisting of the trademarked ZFuel application. GTC Performance, Zonar’s cloud-based fleet management web-application, with ZFuel provides fleets an exceptional motorist and truck analysis tool for uncovering areas for enhanced truck operation and efficiency. Fleet managers can utilize ZFuel to determine non-diagnostic problems with trucks in addition to areas to coach, inspire and possibly incentivize finest driving practices for their motorists to accomplish greater effectiveness on less fuel. ZFuel makes use of telematics data collected by the Zonar’s V3 connected straight to the engine control system (ECU) and evaluates it for a variety of factors. Then, using the data, the app ranks drivers in the system according to their total fuel efficiency– which also lists the money they could save money on fuel by altering their practices behind the wheel. “Monitoring your fuel usage by MPG alone is the way of the past,” said Brett Brinton, co-founder and CEO of Zonar Systems. “If your fleet isn’t really taking into consideration additional data points that affect fuel intakes and making appropriate changes with your motorist, trucks, and fleet operations, then you may as was well be tossing your money out the window.” According to the Federal Motor Provider Safety Administration (FMCSA) “Research of the Impact of a Telematics System on Safe and Fuel-efficient Driving in Trucks,” motorist behavior is by far the largest single contributor to improving fuel economy. There can be as much as a 35-percent difference in fuel usage in between a great motorist and a poor driver. Speeding, inappropriate gear choice, not making the most of the use of cruise control, and truck idling all contribute to ineffective fuel usage. Recorded data made use of by ZFuel consists of how typically the driver uses cruise control, engine idle time, speed …
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3 more truck installs for Prolift

… an extremely respected company, and are pleased that CTE truck mounted platforms were decided to match their present fleet of access platforms.” …
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