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Your Sept. 11 Pre-Trip: Former Army expert recalls 9/11 attacks

A long-haul truck driver could be the next governor of Mississippi, according to Today News. Robert Gray “raised no cash, had no site and had a …
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Plug Power fuel cells power FLTs in France

Plug Power Inc., the carrier of clean, trustworthy energy solutions, has actually completely shipped and commissioned GenDrive fuel cell units to power fork lift trucks for Prelodis to utilize at its new-build (greenfield) logistics center in Saint-Cyr-en-Val, Orléans, France. The DC is operated by Prelocentre, a subsidiary of Prelodis, and runs three shifts of operation. The GenDrive systems at Prelocentre have been functional since 31st August in the 20,000 sq ft retail food warehouse. Additionally, a 33,000 sq ft extension has actually been prepared and offers an opportunity for onsite expansion of the GenDrive-powered lift truck fleet. “& ldquo; The just recently formed European department of Plug Power has actually already understood sales, and has delivered and commissioned item for industrial clients with genuine growth opportunities,” & rdquo; said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power. “& ldquo; Similar to in North America, these clients value performance, performance and sustainability –– all products our GenDrive value recommendation brings to the table.” & rdquo; The sale of GenDrive fuel cells to Prelodis marks Plug Power’& rsquo; s first greenfield job in Europe, where emission standards are critical. GenDrive is powered by hydrogen, creating only heat and water as by-products. Even more so, Prelodis has built its brand-new facility without any battery room, showing its deep dedication to hydrogen fuel cell power now and into the future. Similar to the enormous value realised by Plug Power’& rsquo; s present consumer base, Prelodis will certainly likewise experience increased performance from its electric lift truck fleet. GenDrive makes it possible for the cars to maintain complete power for a full shift, and the need to change batteries is eliminated. The GenDrive systems are refueled in simply a couple of minutes, compared to the 15 minutes needed to alter a battery. “& ldquo; Prelodis chosen Plug Power’& rsquo; s GenDrive fuel cell option for its greenfield site in France because the company appreciates the productivity-en …
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