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WTB: VR6 24V engine or

parts automobile looking for a 24v VR6 engine or parts vehicle depending on just how much. pm me or text 860-671-1824 located in CT going to travel.
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“> See all stories on this topic Me & My Automobile: ’04 Mustang a diamond in the rough There was a time when it had not been that unusual for individuals to find old vehicles kept in a barn on a farm, sometimes even forgotten. Frequently it was a widow who positioned her partner’s car there either for sentimental reasons or possibly since it was a place to keep it out of sight until she could decide exactly what to do with it. Oftentimes, they placed little or no value on the vehicles. To the widow or executor, it was just an old vehicle taking up area. The longer it was kept, the less value it had to the estate. For them, the challenge became discovering somebody who would take it away. But sometimes this piece of “junk” became a “timeless.” By stretching the reality a little, one could call this 2004 Mustang convertible a barn find. States Buzz Landis, of Timberland, near Sacramento: “It was acquired brand-new by a gentleman in Carmel who drove it about 5,000 miles, then put it in a garage with a cover. There it sat for a years. Unfortunately, he just recently died.” After he passed away, no one in the household desired the car, so the executor of the estate, the owner’s sister, a Timberland citizen herself, had to discover somebody interested in a 12-year-old Mustang. It’s too brand-new to be considered a classic car, yet it must deserve more than a regular 12-year-old Mustang. The executor, Jill Schreiner, visited her regional Ford dealership, Elm Ford. Her household had actually acquired cars from Elm Ford for many years and understood the dealer, Landis. Now if I remember my college company courses correctly, I think the primary facility to business success is to purchase low and offer high, however that didn’t occur in this case. Landis bought the 5,000-mile Mustang, paying Kelly Directory’s top retail price of $13,000. When the Mustang was introduced on April 17, 1964, the idea was to have a fun-to-drive, cost-effective, compact car. Initially, the car was called for the P-51 Mustang fighter airplane, but the horse won out as its final sign. To keep the costs down, Ford utilized the chassis and other parts from existing products, including the anemic …
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