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Wide Base Tires Wide base tires are a financial investment, but they can pay off in the long run for fleets seeking to carry heavy loads and conserve weight. While these benefits are really appealing to fleets, tire dealerships need to assist their customers identify if large base tires are just exactly what the medical professional purchased. The biggest difference in between your conventional double tires and wide base songs is apparent: size. Wide base tires have a much wider contact patch and are substantially larger than your basic truck tire, which allows fleets to utilize one tire instead of a double setup. “Wide base tires get their name because they are usually broader than exactly what is utilized on a regular over the roadway tractor trailer combination,” spokens Sanjay Nayakwadi, product strategy director for Bridgestone Americas’ industrial group. “The most typical sizes are 385/65R22.5, 425/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5. These tires are larger to accommodate the greater load capacities.” Yokohama Tire Corp.’s Rick Phillips, vice president of sales, adds that a person wide base tire can typically carry as much weight as 2 dual tires, however will weigh less and utilize less fuel, causing weight cost savings and fuel cost savings. Nevertheless, fuel cost savings can be more difficult to acknowledge as it is very little as compared to premium, fuel efficient duals. While fuel savings and weight cost savings are a major advantage of wide base tires, Phillips adds that broad base tires likewise supply a lower center of mass, which in turn makes the automobile more steady. Another safety advantage of wide base tires is simply that upkeep checks end up being simpler as there are less tires to examine and there is no pesky inside double. “There are fewer tires to install, dismount, check or turn, resulting in less maintenance and downtime– so it has removed the need for numerous thousands of pressure checks and rotations,” spokens Paul Crehan, director of product marketing for Michelin The United States and Canada’s truck tire division. “Another factor is the ease of air pressure maintenance an …
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Being Both Cool and Fuel Efficient It & rsquo; s that time of year once again; the time when fleets have to focus some of their attention on keeping their drivers cool as outside temperature levels climb. Sure there is a challenge to keeping motorists warm in winter, but the cooling challenge is far greater. Fortunately is that there are many choices available for keeping drivers cool, allowing them to operate in a fuel efficient manner and make the numbers they need for their fuel bonuses. Fleet owners should carefully consider the specifications on their brand-new truck purchases when it concerns helping their drivers be most effective throughout the hot summertime. And some of the solutions need drivers to do a little preparation prior to parking for their rest period. Drivers must spend some time pre-cooling the truck so that the vehicle’& rsquo; s main A/C system can decrease in taxi temperature levels while the primary engine is running. When the driver is ready to stop she or he should search for parking in shaded and non-blacktopped locations if possible. I understand that this may not be useful offered the scarcity of parking spaces, however when it is offered, go all out –– it actually helps. When the driver shuts down the main engine, drapes can help obstruct the sun and keep the taxi cooler. Advise drivers to be mindful of heat loading from the moon roofing or upper sleeper windows. Make sure your motorists are knowledgeabled in the proper use of battery COOLING AND HEATING systems or diesel APUs installed on their trucks. If not used properly, these devices will not have actually the wanted result of cooling the taxi. In addition, consider repaying motorists for expenses associated with connecteding into shore power to enhance the vehicle’& rsquo; s batteries consequently extending the length of time they can stay cool without idling the primary engine. One thing to keep in mind is that there are things drivers can do to improve their mpgs so they can make cooling decisions and still achieve the numbers they need for their fuel bonus offer. This includes things l.
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