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Why this designer wishes to alter the way truckers dress

Jewel Jones and her sis Amanda Roth own Meadow Lark Companies, a freight logistics and trucking company locateded in Billings, Montana. Established by their parents, both siblings began working at the company after high school, but at twenty-four Gem decided to follow her dream of operating in fashion. She went to the Art Institute of California in L.a, earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing and management, worked with different clothes brands and got direct exposure to the fashion business. Still, she missed the trucking market and returned to Billings to again work at Meadowlark. There, she realized that she might combine her love for the trucking industry with her love of fashion. We spoke with Jewel about her business, Over the Roadway Garments, a Meadow Lark division, and how she wishes to change the method motorists dress and consider their tasks. Following are edited excerpts from that conversation. What type of clothing do motorists desire? Specifically, truckers said that the problem with the majority of work wear is that it’s made for working then you take it off when you’re done. Truckers have different demands. Their apparel has to be created for working but also sitting for extended periods of time. They secure their load and then they sit in the truck. Clothes has to be functional adequate to where you can work in it then sit in it for extended periods. They likewise desire additional pockets, fabrics that are breathable and durable at the exact same time. There are a great deal of dualities, due to the fact that of the 2 different sides of their job. They’re polar revers and they require garments that serves both. What’s your most popular product? We have six work shirts. Three of them are button downs and the other 3 are wicking, anti-microbial knit t-shirts. They keep you cool, dry and smell totally free. We likewise offer eight graphic tees. Our most popular t-shirt is our Duke, which is a Western-style button down. How does your clothing differ from other clothing makers? The …
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Historical curiosities turn up at Ram Trucks event

You never understand what stories you’ll discover behind a few of the numerous timeless and classic trucks out there. Fleet Owner stumbled across a truck that might have sustained airplanes at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport back when the Allies were battling The second world war and a 1940s Dodge that possibly provided milk, logs and other products decades ago in Wisconsin. Much as the focus was on the most recent abilities of the 2016 Ram Trucks lineup at the Heavy Hauler demo event Tuesday, some much older timers that made an appearance got lots of attention too. A group of five vintage Dodge trucks, many dating back to the WWII age or earlier, was at Fiat Chrysler Vehicles’ Chelsea Proving Grounds for the occasion. That included a 1938 Dodge Air flow tanker, which restoration expert Dean Reifsnider informs Fleet Owner may be the last really running example of its kind in the country. It was bought in very rough shape years back from an owner in South Carolina, he states. A news release from 2001 when the Walter P. Chrysler Museum unveiled the restored truck mentioned it was one of just 12 remaining on the planet. PHOTO GALLERY: At Chelsea: Vintage Dodges drew eyes, too “You’ll see a lot of designs of this truck if you remain in a truck stop or a fuel station,” nevertheless, Reifsnider points out, a testament to the truck’s traditional lines and design. He likewise notes the possible history of the truck being used at O’Hare, “but we’re not 100 % certain of that.” Check through our gallery images for an appearance in and around the tanker’s features and equipment in addition to the other timeless and antique trucks at the occasion. Though the Air flow was gazes-only, press reporters got in and drove the other classic Dodge hardware: A 1940 half-ton pick-up, a 1941 Command Vehicle WC-6 half-ton 4×4 military truck and a sleek 1964 D100 pick-up. A 1947 2 1/2-load heavy truck might have as soon as carried products for an old-time trucking business owner …
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