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Why is my 1g engine making use of so much fuel

Last September I bought a 2007 Allion with 2 liter D4 engine. The automobile remained in impressive condition, just gone 34000 kms. Nevertheless I am only getting 8 km per liter of 90 octane gas, primarily city drivi … I have a 95 Toyota Corolla DX and I have issue launching the car. Right here’s exactly what I have done so far on this car: – Current odometer mileage reveals about 114,000 – Battery was dated 10/2014 (so it’s b. By error I put engine oil 20w-50 in my 2003 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder automobile. Exactly what could occur to engine damage now? i live in maryland and my vehicle has over 150 K Only has 70,000 miles on it. Was working perfectly with fantastic gas mileage. went out of town for a week and it just sat in my driveway, it has actually sat much longer than that prior to. Now I consumed a hal …
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