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Why driver electronic cameras are important: One fleet’s view

Jeff Wood, director of security for Martin Transportation System –– a nearly 1,000-truck, 1,400-driver fleet providing dedicated long-haul, regional, and regional transport for the “& ldquo; Big 3 & rdquo; automakers– believes inward and external facing cameras will be absolutely essential tools for commercial motorists moving forward, well exceeding issues over privacy. “& ldquo; There are just a lot of situations out there today where [truck] drivers get blamed in minor and major traffic incidents where they are not at fault, yet the cop takes the other side,” & rdquo; Wood, a previous driver himself, described to Fleet Owner. Popular NowPenton IoT Institute: Partnership to bridge ‘Internet of Things’ information gapReshoring might spur need for truckingFrom Star Trip tricorders to LTL freight cost contrast website “& ldquo; I inform our drivers that cams are a great quiet witness since if nothing takes place, absolutely nothing is taped,” & rdquo; he stressed. & ldquo; I likewise inform them that if they wear & rsquo; t like cameras, then they shouldn’& rsquo; t go to the mall, the grocery store, or the gasoline station, since most are now under 24/7 video monitoring. They see everything, down to the flavor of Slim Jim you just purchased. It’& rsquo; s a brand-new world out there in a lot of methods” & rdquo; Martin recently set up the Lytx DriveCam program on its trucks and Wood kept in mind that the system is currently paying a range of dividends, particularly in regards to driver exoneration. “& ldquo; We had a crossway crash case where might guy is aiming to turn left. He had to ‘& lsquo; sneak out & rsquo; into the intersection, because there wasn’& rsquo; t a [devoted] left-hand turn signal,” & rdquo; he stated. & ldquo; As the light changes and he pulls through, a motorist can be found in the opposite instructions pulls around a stopped automobile, goes through the red light, and hits our truck,” & rdquo; Wood noted. & ldquo; When the cops show up, the motorist of the automobile said he had a green light and that the truck turned into his pat …
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Van Fleet Truck Motorist – Earn More, Be House More

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