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Who is managing the checkbook?A recent fleet cost reduction meeting, asked for by the president, required our department heads to come up with three cost saving initiatives beyond the normal box. The thinking was to fire up and measure the arise from each idea moving forward. The genuine intent, in my viewpoint, was to see what individuals have not been looking at; a few of the replies from difference department heads were exceptionally interesting. One was to cut business’s water stock to three bottles at delivery, in addition to the 6 in the storage room. That only worked for very first week. Company cellular phone, transform to personal ownership and a portion of what their free minutes are. Convert business cars to personal ownership and an automobile allowances; not always a bad idea, however under whose insurance protection during job-related travel? International calling rate strategies and a change from a web provider to cut the cost by $100 each month was an option for one place, while another cut back on workplace cleaning and truck washing. In my analysis, all things that must be part of the normal daily managing. In our own department the next day, I saw a mechanic reconstructing a 5th wheel. I asked the mechanic, “What are we doing?”He replied: “rebuilding the 5th wheel.”He had it off the truck and had ditched of the all the grease, eliminated all the old parts. He then had the new set greased up like tanning oil on the beach. So I asked a couple of concerns, Colombo-style: Was there a DVIR reporting excessive slop? No. Was this a result of a PM inspection? Nope. So exactly what was it? A spare truck. OK, now we’re getting somewhere. I asked him, “How we determined the need for the work? “He stated that it was practically from modification and thought that we needed to do it. Later on, I asked the lead supervisor about the fifth wheel rebuild. He said that he had not been sure and that he believed it was being rebuilt.”Do you understand why?”I asked.”I believe the service author informed him to do it, “he r. See all stories on this topic Fontaine Adjustment Helps Fleets Waste Less Fuel with Idle Smart Truck
Idle-Management System With Idle Smart, drivers no longer have to idle their cars to keep their truck batteries charged, or their taxis and their coolant warm. Idle Smart supplies fleets managers remote management abilities to continually monitor a truck’s batteries and program a voltage threshold from their desktop or in the car. The app instantly starts the truck when the battery voltage gets low, charges it back up, and after that shuts it down again. For safety, the engine will not begin if the truck isn’t in neutral, does not have its parking brake on, or has its hood open. Fleets and drivers can also keep track of cabin convenience and coolant temperature levels, and Idle Smart will start the trucks at a specified temperature level and run them till the wanted cab or engine coolant temperature level is reached. Idle Smart’s real-time performance metrics and diagnostic abilities reveal truck- and fleet-level operational results. The remote management function enables fleet supervisors to be more proactive in day-to-day operations and quickly make required changes to any system setting, whether they be truck-specific or fleet-wide, to guarantee optimal efficiency.”We are thrilled to be working with Fontaine Modification, offered the service’s long history of innovation and quality, “said Jeff Lynch, president of Idle Smart.” Fontaine is the tested leader in performance and workmanship, which allows for a smooth experience for our mutual consumers.” To read more about Idle Smart, go to To learn more about Fontaine Adjustment, call 800. FONTAINE(800.366.8246)or visit About Fontaine Modification Fleet Solutions Fontaine Adjustment Fleet Services is a business system of Fontaine Adjustment that provides a variety of on-highway truck adjustments consisting of alternative fuel system installation, complementary power device and other equipment installation, and fleet automobile preparation. Fontaine Modification Fleet Solutions is based in Statesville, N.C., and … See all stories on this subject

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