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We are prepared for competition: Ravindra Pisharody of Tata Motors

The office automobile company of Tata Motors has taped three-fourths of the total domestic sales volume in the last financial year. The medium and heavy office car (M&HCV) sector of the business grew 14.9 per cent and it has a domestic market share of 54.4 per cent. Ravindra Pisharody, Executive Director (commercial vehicles), Tata Motors, throughout an interaction with Nevin John of Company Today, says the competitors is growing in CV business with the entry of global gamers and the company targets to grow 15 per-cent every year till 2020 in the section. Excerpts of the interview: Q. The CV business seems to be failing to come back to the development track. Exactly what is harming the segment? A. The sub-segments in the CV company are somewhat different in nature. M&HCV sectors, which are traditionally the lead sign of state of the economy, are cyclical throughout the world. In regards to profits, the biggest part of the business is the medium and heavy trucks: long-distance visitors and tippers. But when a correction takes place after a dip, especially after 3-4 years in saturated markets like Europe and Japan, it doesn’t peak to new highs but does reach the previous performance levels. The last 3 years were bad for the M&HCV segment, specifically considering that January 2012. The international liquidity crisis driven by the 2008-09 slump didn’t last long. The M&HCV was affected greatly throughout the time, but recovered after 8-9 months. It fell 25-30 per-cent during the time, while passenger ride (PV) segment was relatively consistent. The factor is that the industry is not structured. Even in good times, the capability utilization of trucks is 80-85 per-cent in the country due to the fact that it is not well planned. When economy slides, the truck utilisation will certainly slip considerably and the fleet owners discover low utilisation. Resultantly, they hold off brand-new purchases. During 2012-14, we had heavy fall in the industry. The truck exercise was 20-25 per-cent. Buses are a relat …
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Business Update (NASDAQ: WPRT): Westport Innovations Inc. (UNITED STATE) Presenting Ford F-150 with …

For fleet supervisors considering the popular Ford F-150 pickup, Westport Innovations Inc. (U.S.A) (NASDAQ: WPRT) now offers 2 alternative fuel alternatives. Presenting a new dedicated, liquid lp system, along with Westport’s compressed gas (CNG) bundle for 2016 Ford 5.0 L F-150 trucks. Both fuel alternatives are part of the Westport WiNG ™ Power System and are anticipated to be licensed to EPA and CARBOHYDRATE requirements. “We understand that numerous fleets utilize different kinds of alternative fuels based upon availability and business needs,” stated Paul Shaffer, vice president and handling director of Westport’s Dallas operations. “By providing devoted liquid gas in addition to bi-fuel and devoted CNG vehicles, we are progressing to a full-service alternative fuel company for fleets running the popular Ford F-150 pickup. We are putting the requirements of fleets first and providing stability to our clients’ supply chain by providing varied alternative fuel choices.” While a lot of melted petroleum gas (LPG or propane) offerings in the market today use up important truck bed space, Westport’s tank packages will lie underbody, thus producing additional capability and efficiency for fleets. The advantages of Westport’s new liquid propane system consist of: The new system will certainly give superior lp automobile efficiency with liquid provided to the same intake port as gasoline, supplying: Westport is making the most of Ford’s brand-new gas and lp gaseous-prep plan, which is now offered on MY2016 cars. Designed to deliver passengers and freight, the 2016 Ford F-150 provides a 5.0 L engine with improved emissions as compared to gasoline. The new aluminum alloy body decreases the weight of the truck by as much as 700 lbs. In addition, the existing Ford OEM guarantee continues to be undamaged. (Original Source) Shares of Westport Innovations opened today at $4.65 and are presently trading up at $4.8299. WPRT has a 1-year high of $18.98 and a 1-year l.
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