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Waste concept: Mack checks out Wrightspeed electrical powertrain with turbine generator Mack is showcasing an LR design refuse truck retrofitted with Wrightspeed’s The Path 1000 electric powertrain at WasteExpo 2016. Mack’s LR low-entry cabover was introduced at WasteExpo last year. LAS VEGAS. In the first examination of this innovation for a Class 8 refuse vehicle, Mack Trucks is showcasing a Mack LR design retrofitted with Wrightspeed’s The Path 1000 powertrain here at WasteExpo 2016. Designed as an alternative driveline to conventional piston engine and transmission systems, The Path is an electrical vehicle powertrain that can offer “unlimited variety and reduced fuel costs for today’s refuse, delivery and mass transit markets,” according to Wrightspeed. “Mack is the refuse industry leader due to the fact that we’re not scared to pioneer new ideas and developments,” stated Dennis Slagle, president of Mack Trucks. “Wrightspeed shares this pioneering spirit, which is why we aspire to evaluate their Path powertrain technology.” The Wrightspeed Route powertrain utilizes electrical power to provide 100% of the car’s propulsion. The business says the system features an innovative, plug-in-capable battery pack that supplies a range of as much as 24 miles on electrical power. When the batteries’ charge is diminished, Wrightspeed’s 80 kW “fuel agnostic” Key turbine generator charges the batteries, making it possible for Route-equipped automobiles to have unlimited range with refueling, Wrightspeed says. Additional charging originates from the Route’s 730 kW regenerative braking system, which produces electrical power as the automobile pulls up. Regenerative braking helps Route-equipped automobiles minimized maintenance costs, Wrighspeed notes, “as braking force —– and subsequent brake wear —– is substantially decreased.” Electrical energy from the battery pack powers four electrical motors, which the business says permits the Route to power automobiles as much as 66,000 pounds. on grades as high as 40%. With …
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Device Breakdowns Strike AL Department City authorities are discussing whether a recent rash of Decatur Fire and Rescue fire engine breakdowns are the result of previous choices to acquire used trucks. 2 weeks back, the fire department didn’t have a ladder truck or reserve engine pumper, and Station 1 on Fifth Avenue Southwest lacked a truck for a day since of the breakdowns, said Fire Chief Tony Grande. Grande stated the department “just went through a spell” where numerous trucks broke down. He stated it was particularly unusual for both of the city’s ladder trucks to have issues needing service at the exact same time. Fire and Rescue normally runs with a ladder truck and 8 pumper engines in service and a ladder truck and two pumper engines in reserve, but Grande stated the breakdowns left the department a little short. Nevertheless, Grande said the city was covered. The department took advantage of a handle which it can temporarily rent trucks from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, of Oak Grove. Not having a ladder truck could have been an issue if there had been a fire in downtown Decatur or among the city’s industries. However Grande said he informed surrounding fire departments in Hartselle and Neel of the problem. Those departments have ladder trucks. “I called our local partners and told them, ‘We may require your aid,'” Grande said. Luckily, Decatur didn’t have any calls that would need a ladder truck. City Councilman Billy Jackson associated Fire and Rescue’s breakdown problems to recent choices to acquire used trucks. In 2013, the city purchased a 2003 engineer pumper for $204,500, less a trade-in reduction of $37,500 for three older Decatur fire trucks. The truck had 59,229 miles and 4,988 hours on it at the time of the purchase. The city purchased a truck in 2012 with 4,500 miles on it for $199,000 from America Fire Devices Co. Jackson, who voted versus the 2013 purchase and abstained in 2012, stated the scenario with the city’s fleet of fire engine, police vehicle an …
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