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Waste and Recycling Jobs: Opportunities Are Plentiful

Mechanics and welders who deal with the market’s fleet are also in … of the biggest CNG truck fleets in the U.S. For more information about opportunities in …
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Federal Agencies Hear Testimony on Rigorous New Big Truck Emissions Rules

This copy is for your individual, non-commercial use only. To buy presentation-ready copies for distribution to your associates, clients or consumers check out LONG BEACH, Calif.– Federal regulators are weighing how finest to implement stringent new truck emissions standards to both minimize pollution and save fleets cash. It might not be simple. The proposed rules, which require decreases of up to 24 % in CO2 emissions and fuel usage for trucks starting in 2021 and 8 % for trailers in 2018, will certainly involve considerable upfront costs in new devices and innovation. At a hearing right here Tuesday, supply chain supervisors and transportation market groups, together with ecological supporters, air quality regulatory authorities and neighborhood leaders, offered their handles the proposed emissions requirements for medium- and sturdy trucks. Much of the testimony Tuesday offered assistance for the brand-new standards– with several industry leaders calling the long-term impacts of minimized fuel costs a “win-win”– however speakers differed on the details and how the standards must be implemented. Industry leaders called for the addition of monetary incentives and an attainable timeline for reaching the new requirements, while requesting some technical explanations and highlighting the requirement for a constant method to the guidelines nationwide. Dan Kieffer of PACCAR Inc., promoting a group of heavy-duty North American truck makers including Volvo and Daimler, said, “Unnecessarily strict engine standards will just worsen today’s trend of delaying brand-new truck purchases,” and subsequently keep older, not-as-clean trucks on the road. Environmental advocates and regulators required earlier due dates, more ambitious goals for decreasing fuel consumption and emissions, along with a stronger focus on cleaner, hybrid or fuel cell innovations. “The proposal misse …
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