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Volvo Enhances Fuel Economy by the Power of 2

HEYBURN, IDAHO– The 6×2 concept has actually taken a brand-new twist, and Volvo Trucks is the first North American truck maker to provide such a configuration. Volvo calls the principle Adaptive Loading. It’s a 6×2 arrangement but with a pusher axle rather than a tag, and the pusher axle is liftable which turns the tractor into a 4×2 set up for lightly packed or empty conditions. Volvo unveiled Adaptive Packing at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March 2015, and presented the concept to the trade press at ride and drive event right here on August 20. Adaptive Loading starts with a digitally controlled tractor air suspension that senses car weight by means of the atmospheric pressure in the suspension. When the truck is empty or simply gently packed, the system lifts the (forward) pusher axle, letting the (back) drive axle bear the weight. When the truck is packed and the liftable axle is down, the system will instantly bias the suspension pressure toward the driving axle for better traction. Under regular conditions, the rear axle may run 5 psi greater pressure than the pusher axle. In situations where added traction is needed, such as on slippery pavement, the suspension will certainly further predisposition the suspension pressure towards the rear axle. While this function is automatic, the motorist can pick boosted traction from a dash mounted traction control switch. This will additionally bias the rear axle suspension pressure and can be used only up to 15 miles per hour. In negative on freeway conditions, the system will somewhat bias the rear suspension for boosted traction over the basic mode where the pressure is roughly equivalent between the two axles. Chris Stadler, Volvo Trucls’ item marketing manager for regional haul states this improves fuel economy as well as tire wear. “Fleets taking part in our initial trials are reporting fuel economy enhancements in the range of 3 % to 5 %,” Stadler said. “They likewise reported better tire wear on the drive axle, which in a 6×2 plan is commonly worse than a 6×4 ax …
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VicRoads gears up fleet with reverse braking technology

The automatic technology from Reverse Smart, trialled on a patrol truck … The road authority will certainly share its path data with transport groups and fleet …
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