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Volusia County manager to recommend against ban of big trucks

Volusia County Supervisor Jim Dinneen stated he will recommend to the County Council Thursday not to prohibit lifted trucks from the beach. County personnel had been considering a measure that would have restricted raised trucks from using Volusia County beaches as a part of a County Council instruction making the beach safer. However a thorough analysis found a ban was not feasible, Dinneen said. “I do not see a basis to ban anything,” he stated Wednesday afternoon. County personnel reached a conclusion that all vehicles are naturally hazardous, Dinneen said.  & #xa 0; News-Journal records reveal automobiles were associated with a bulk of accidents involving pedestrians in the last decade followed by trucks, 2 of which belonged to the county. One of the accidents included a truck that was described as raised. Rallies in support of raised trucks have been planned for Sunday, but Dinneen stated the choice had nothing to do with that. He said he will make the suggestion at the council meeting Thursday. Volusia County has made numerous safety-related steps in current years after a Beach Patrol officer driving a truck ran over Kansas tourist Erin Joynt in 2011. Joynt was granted $2.6 million in a jury trial, though the case is under appeal by the county. After the mishap, Beach Security Ocean Rescue outfitted its truck fleet with cameras while opting to utilize more al fresco ATVs for patrols. The county also implemented one-way traffic lanes and prohibited texting while driving on the beach. Councilman Josh Wagner said the proposed huge truck ban wasn’t one he would have supported, but he praised personnel for being ingenious. “You’re constantly looking for ways to increase safety,” he said … See all stories on this subject Five truck pattern takeaways from July Rubber on the roadway, more commonly called”road alligators,”boost drastically on the nation’s freeways throughout the summer driving period. Most of the motoring public plainly thinks that these roadway alligators are dued to bad retreads; this is just not precise. The alligators on the roadway could be new tires or,

maybe, retreads. If either a brand-new tire or retread is running

underinflated based on the car load and speed for an extended period of time, that tire can fail with the outcome a roadway alligator. As we reach the canine days of the summer, long days driving in the heat can have serious effects on your truck’s tires. Al Cohn evaluates the primary problems tires run into in the summertime, and the best ways to avoid them. Click on this link to read out truck tire suggestions.”The million dollar concern,”states Eric Starks, FTR president,” is how long can this be sustained? We say, it ought to last for a great amount of time.” Truck orders and stockpiles have come to a head, but according to FTR’s numbers, growth is still ahead for the trucking industry. Desire even more insight? Click here to check out the current report. The accident mitigation systems on UPS’s brand-new Class 8 tractors, which were established by Bendix LLC, feature lane departure warnings, electronic stability control and anti-lock air disc brakes. The business has introduced them in a trial run to a few of its trucks, and is now ready making the features requirement. The National Transportation Safety Board has advised that all traveler and office vehicles utilize this innovation. Driving a tractor is a huge duty for drivers and fleets alike, and it’s one they shouldn’t take lightly. Lots of fleets are embracing new technology, including advanced safety features to their trucks to aid keep everyone safe. Click here to check out the innovation adoption reasons of among the nation’s most significant fleets. From the dealer viewpoint, investing in service operations is an opportunity to enhance its overall business, while offering reduced service turn-around times to its clients. Both Rick Reynolds, president and dealership principal, Peach State Truck Centers, and Brad Fauvre, president of Velocity Automobile Group, agree that the Elite Support program was, and remains to be, necessary in providing a better service item to its fleet customers. Security might be priority one for fleets, but it’s far from the only thing that companies are working to enhance. Business such as Daimler are working to enhance the service experience, which Daimler is doing through their Elite Support program, a set of guidelines governing dealership certification. Click here to check out how dealers are stepping up their service video game to help you enhance your business. Lastly, here’s something that’s not simply a July trend, however has been growing in prominence for numerous months and is edging ever closer to being the brand-new norm for trucks: Independent automobiles. Autonomous trucks still have some policy hoops to jump through, however the technology is right here today, as Fleet Devices ‘ s Editor-at-Large Carol Birkland found out when she checked out Peterbilt. Here’s the video of her firsthand experience with Peterbilt’s autonomous truck: If you’re hungry for much more meaty truck-focused video material, head over to our FE’s On the Road video hub by clicking here where we archive all our episodes. The single tire work bench, part of Minimizer’s upkeep line, is once again offered for purchase, as the business has actually restocked representatives’racks to meet demand. Previously, the tire bench was … Learn more Peterbilt Motor Co.’s brand-new Model 567 set-forward front axle (SFFA)truck is now completely production. Peterbilt hosted Con-Tech Production to drive the very first complete production truck off the assembly … Learn more Company Type:- Select One -Contract/Common Provider Lease/Rental Bus Transportation Other Personal Fleets Food Production/Processing Construction/Mining/Logging Petroleum Production/Marketing Energy Manufacturing/Processing Retail/Wholesale Government Manufacturers Truck/Trailer Dealers Truck Equip. Distributors Fleet Service/ Repair work Specialists Others Show the size of your truck fleet:-Select One-1-4 cars 5-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-299 300-499 500-799 800-999 1,000 or more Not readily available See all stories on this topic

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