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VIDEO: Michigan DOT mechanics establish salt-saving door for plow trucks

Two maintenance mechanics in the Michigan Department of Transport’s (MDOT) Southwest Region have actually established a salt-door stop for plow trucks that helps control the circulation of salt. The stop, made from a stainless-steel bar, is set to an adjusted height that preserves a consistent rate of circulation thereby restricting extra salt from escaping, which in turn will save the firm money. Mechanics Jordan Claus and Ryan Piasecki, seen in the video below, developed the door stop to be connected to the movable gate on salt hoppers. They cost $22 each and have actually been installed on the entire rake truck fleet (80 tucks) in the Southwest Area. MDOT plans to install them on trucks in the remainder of the state in time for next winter. “Generally, our plow operators have actually counted on their line of visions to set the salt doors, resulting in varying door heights and salt use from one operator to the next,” stated MDOT Southwest Area Engineer of Operations Janine Cooper. “These salt-door stops will remove the differing heights of salt doors and enable each operator to merely reduce the door to a predetermined and adjusted height, resulting in minimizing salt usage and conserving money.” …
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Purchasing previously owned trucks? No need to kick the tires

Acquiring a previously owned truck should not be a contest. Purchasers ought to have confidence in the devices they are acquiring– with no surprises down the roadway. Some truck purchasers do their own preliminary examinations prior to acquire. Many knowledgeable fleets have a list of things to examine prior to purchase– like checking axle setups, engine and horse power capacities, total condition of the body, interior, etc. While they might not kick the tires, examining tire tread depth, in addition to wear patterns, isn’t really a bad idea. However, when looking for a good previously owned truck, it may be hard to get a take a look at many of the other components– brake pads, for example– or they might not get a take a look at maintenance records. So instead of take possibilities, numerous fleets work with their dealers to discover the very best pre-owned trucks, which can take the guesswork from the process and supply peace of mind. Truck initial equipment makers (OEMs) take vehicle reconditioning and certification seriously. Who better to bring pre-owned automobiles up to date that the companies who built them in the very first place? The OEMs also wish to continue to construct on the relationships they have actually courted with their consumers. You will never talk with an OEM who does not tell you that customer fulfillment is always leading on their list. Frequently elements and systems are upgraded on reconditioned automobiles to match current brand-new truck effectiveness. The Peterbilt Red Oval program makes up a comprehensive 150-point, factory accredited examination for general automobile condition, security and look. According to the truck makers, fleets receive the Red Oval Guarantee service warranty with simple coverage and access to 24-hour, roadside support, supported by its dealer network. According the company, it’s not just about the number of points on the evaluation, but the higher level of excellence it sets to guarantee a premium automobile. The inspection is a thorough overview of the truck’s quality, making sure the tr …
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