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UPS expands hybrid-electric truck fleet

UPS has actually added another 125 hybrid-electric delivery van to its United States fleet as part of a dedication to decrease emissions. The brand-new trucks, which will be used to provide parcels in US states consisting of Florida and Texas, include a brand-new two-cylinder 650cc engine which charges the automobiles batteries on the go. The hybrid-electric chassis being supplied by leading automobile technology business, Workhorse. Carlton Rose, UPS Global Fleet Upkeep and Engineering president, says the new trucks make both financial and ecological sense. “Our real-world testing of this new technology revealed opportunities to improve its efficiency and performance, which resulted in the advancement of a more advanced propulsion system.” While Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse, said the trucks have been designed with the particular requirements of a UPS truck in mind. “These low-emission trucks are created particularly to meet the stop and begin needs of UPS’s city shipment paths, while driving unmatched fuel and upkeep savings,” “This new system enables the car to accommodate UPS’s normal path on battery energy and utilizes a very small internal combustion engine to include extra energy to the batteries when and if needed and removes range stress and anxiety.”…
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5 truck pattern takeaways from April

We understand it’s challenging to keep up with everything that occurs on the planet of trucking. So here are the most significant stories from April focused on the most recent truck trends, all in one location. “Advanced safety systems that utilize radar- and camera-based innovations that make it possible for adaptive cruise control as well as self-governing truck operation rely heavily on one particular part– the brakes. The security of these futuristic crash mitigation systems rests directly on correct brake application, operation and maintenance.” As collision mitigation innovation develops, so too does brake system innovation. Here’s the current in how brake technology is guaranteeing the future of safety from Editor Jason Morgan. “Another challenge is the growing stocks of late-model trucks readily available. Lots of large fleets found efficiencies early in the last decade to turnover their fleets as the warranty went out; in many cases in 3 years and 300,000 miles. This was certainly a wise choice for these fleets in controlling cost, however made those used trucks far more costly.” The unique state of the current over-inventoried market produces a similarly special situation for trucks’ resale value. Editor-At-Large Carol Birkland strolls readers through spec’ing to enhance resale value in this piece. “These systems can even recognize tendencies with specific engines or trucks, so other owners of the devices understand when issues tend to happen, and can perform preventative maintenance prior to it ever even becomes a problem. No one’s thinking any longer: fleet supervisors understand what’s incorrect, and they understand how when to fix it.” Adoption rates for remote diagnostic systems are growing considerably. Why is this becoming such a trend, and where might it go next? Partner Editor Alex Crissey dives into the data-driven information. It’s been called the next mega-trend. However just what is the Internet of Things, and exactly what will it bring for fleets? Carol Birklan …
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