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UK fleet lessors take lead for clean fuel-efficient automobiles – whilst recurring value fears …

Brand-new figures from the British Lorry Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) validate the sector’s position as the UK’s leading adopter of cleaner and more fuel-efficient lorries. The BVRLA’s latest quarterly survey of its leasing members found that virtually one in 20 (4.7 %) of all new rented vehicles signed up in Q4 2015 was a plug-in, well-ahead of the marketplace penetration attained across all brand-new registrations, which stood at 1.3 %. The leasing sector’s low-emission credentials are also demonstrated by the reality that more than 25 % of lease automobiles now sit in VED band A (sub 100g/km CO2) while the general market share for all brand-new vehicles sold in 2015 stands at 20 %. Thanks to this ever-increasing adoption of pure and plug-in hybrid electric cars along with low-emission petrol and diesel vehicles, the average lease car contributed to a BVRLA member fleet in 2015 discharged simply 112.6 g/km CO2, more than 7 % less than the typical new car signed up in 2015. According to the latest BVRLA survey, leasing business was accountable for around 1.3 million business cars and vans at the end of 2015, which was a 5.5 % boost year-on-year. Discussing the news, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney (pictured below) stated: “Increasingly more companies are relying on renting as a source of finance and BVRLA members are assisting these business to operate cleaner, more fuel-efficient automobiles.” Keaney included: “The federal government has to identify that the company vehicle or van is more than simply a taxable perk and an important source of income for the Treasury. These lorries are essential company tools that can play a big function in reducing the UK’s roadway transportation carbon emissions. Without a fair and basic tax routine for business lorries, this won’t occur.” Meanwhile Glass’s forecasts that there is most likely to be “substantial unpredictability” over utilized vehicle values if the UK left the EU following the June referendum. Rupert Pontin, Head of Valuations at Glass’s, (pictured above) said: “When we try to m.
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Fleet & lease automobile values fixed in February, reports BCA Pulse

The data for last month shows fleet & lease vehicle values averaged ££ 9,662, a boost of ££ 222(2.3 %) compared to January’s figure of ££ 9,440. Retained value against initial MRP (Producers Market price) enhanced by a percentage point to 41.56, from 40.48 % in January, with age and mileage broadly fixed. Compared with February 2015, typical fleet & lease values were essentially fixed, down by ££ 11, with maintained value down by almost three-quarters of a percentage point. The headline average value of a used automobile sold at BCA in February climbed by ££ 52(0.6 %)to £ 7,929. Year-on-year, typical values were up by ££ 115 (1.4 %), with both age and mileage decreasing. Nevertheless, Simon Henstock, BCA chief operating officer UK remarketing, added that buyers remain rather more wary of poorer condition vehicles. He commented: “Buyers have a lot more choice and vehicles requiring repair service and repair have to be sensibly valued to contend. For vehicles with cosmetic damage, WISE repair services are a cost effective alternative for sellers, indicating their cars can be quickly processed and provided in the best possible condition.” “The market is anticipating enhanced part-exchange business and greater volumes from fleet and contract hire sources over the coming weeks. With Easter imminent – – often a watershed in demand – – this could effect on residual values in the weeks ahead and BCA is suggesting that volume vendors assess their sale stock closely to ensure it is valued in line with market expectations.” Henstock added: “The significance of expert appraisals that stick to NAMA standards can not be over-emphasised, as this constructs purchaser confidence and delivers advantages for buyers and sellers alike. BCA continues to innovate in this area, purchasing training for personnel and establishing new tools such as the BCA Branch Appraisal App that generate trusted data for the online search engine powering Auction View. & # …
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