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Tam Valley invites brand-new engine to Southern Marin fire fleet

A row of children, some in firefighter gear, squared off with a brand new 35,000-pound fire truck on Saturday early morning, awaiting the signal to charge. & #x 201c; All right, & #x 201d; said Adam Vollmer, fire engineer of the Southern Marin Fire Security District. & #x 201c; I & #x 2019; m going to searching for everyone to help me push. & #x 201d; Kid of all ages and their families joined Southern Marin firefighters in inviting Engine 4 to the fleet, pushing the truck backwards into the Tam Valley area firehouse to end the ceremonial tradition. & #x 201c; The fire service is really steeped in tradition, & #x 201d; Chief Chris Tubbs said. He joked, & #x 201c; there & #x 2019; s a stating, & #x 2018; a tradition is something you do when you no longer understand why you do it. & #x 2019; In this case we do know why we do it. & #x 201d; He explained that this custom returns to the 1800s, to the days when fire engines were driven by horses. Due to the fact that the horses couldn & #x 2019; t push the engines, or drive in reverse, the community would gather to push the engine back into the firehouse. Engines have actually altered quite a bit, however, and pressing them needs a little assistance from a motorist. Standing at about 10-feet high, the new Type 1 fire truck is a tailor-made, tricked-out, brilliant red firefighting machine. The engine, manufactured by Pierce, includes a 500 gallon water tank, a 15 gallon foam tank and a 1,500 gallon per minute water pump. Tubbs said the new truck, which cost just shy of $600,000, provides brand-new technology, comfort and security for the firemens, including a roll-cage design and other functions. The truck likewise has exactly what are called quick-attack hoses, produced easy access in emergency situations & #x 2014; one located on the automobile & #x 2019; s side and another on the bumper. And the LED ribbon lighting that framed the exterior compartments lit the truck like a Christmas tree. & #x 201c; This is an one-of-a-kind apparatus, & #x 201d; Vollmer stated. & #x 201c; Unless someone decides to copy us, & #x 201d; he joked. The brand-new truc …
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