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condition: great cylinders: 6 cylinders fuel: gas paint color: white size: full-size title status: clean transmission: automated type: truck Prevent scams, deal in your area Beware wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, cash orders, shipping … See all stories on this subject Dealing with growing electrical load demands With the massive quantity of electrical demand placed on today’s trucks, the threats of low voltage needs are a real repercussion dealt with by today’s fleets. The whole start and charge procedure of the truck’s electrical system is impacted by low voltage circumstances. You’ll see the effect in lift gates, electric APUs, hotel gadgets or any element positioning an electrical load on the truck’s batteries.” Low-voltage cranking, which is the top reason for starter motor failure, overheats and burns out the starter motor, leaving the truck stranded,” said Mark Burnside, Maxwell Technologies’senior product manager of engine beginning products.”Other components that might fail or operate unreliably with low voltage input are inverters, GPS systems, radios and television sets.”Burnside went on to describe that at low battery voltage– less than 9.6 volts– the truck’s engine control system (ECU)computers will not run. This voltage is substantially lower than the minimum battery voltage required to crank and start the engine.”Engine beginners need a particular number of watts to turn over the engine. Watts equal volts increased by amps [watts=volts x amps],” described Bruce Essig, Odyssey national program manager for EnerSys.” This suggests that there are 2 ways to provide watts to the starter: either high voltage at low amperage or fewer volts at greater amperage. “Under regular conditions,” Essig continued,” when there is a lot of voltage in storage inside the battery, the starter is fed with workable volts and amps. When voltage in storage falls too low, described as low state of charge [SOC], the electrical system tries to compensate by providing that voltage at higher amperage. The engine will turn over just fine when started with high amperage, but it has a cost: The greater amperage creates waste heat and reduces the life of the starter and the battery cables. “As far as the parts most impacted by low voltage, the starter motor tops the list. The motor’s internal components– brushes, commutator bars, the armature, switch coils and contacts– are impacted by the thermal energy due to low voltage.”One event of cranking with low voltage has a substantial influence on the start triggering irreparable progressive damage,”stated Travis Atkinson, director of sales and service for Purkey’s Fleet Electric. Atkinson went on to discuss that the damage continues onto the alternator, as it has gotten rid of the low state of charge of the batteries while likewise managing the common amperage need of the application. “In other words it runs in a saturated state for a time period longer than normal, “he stated.”In doing so at launch, the batteries’ low voltage state requires that the generator function in a complete field state– producing as much amperage as it can at its given operating condition up until the default voltage setting is achieved. If the batteries are at an incredibly low state of charge, requiring the alternator to recharge them and handle the applications load might take many hours of operation.””Another method to look at the impact of low voltage is for every volt drop in the cranking circuit the cranking motor will lose 30 RPMs of cranking speed,”included Bruce Purkey, primary innovative engineer for Purkey’s Fleet Electric. “As temperature levels drop, the present needed to start could double. Utilizing Ohm’s law when you double the existing and resistance remains the exact same, the voltage drop will enhance resulting in less cranking speed.”” Remember, that the alternator is not a battery charger,” advised Danny Ritter, national technical assistance supervisor, durable group for Mitsubishi Electrical Automotive America.” The alternator is there to keep the batteries when more electrical loads are being used, not to charge dead batteries.”When we talk about the latest truck technologies, we frequently throw around words such as”development “and “innovation,”and it is a natural example offered how rapidly technology, and … Learn more Zonar Systems has revealed the basic availability of the Ground Traffic Control( GTC)Performance bundle, including its ZFuel application. GTC Efficiency is Zonar’s cloud-based fleet management web-application, a driver and truck analysis tool for … Learn more Company Type: * -Select One- Contract/Common Provider Lease/Rental Bus Transport Other Personal Fleets Food Production/Processing Construction/Mining/Logging Petroleum Production/Marketing Energy Manufacturing/Processing Retail/Wholesale Government Manufacturers Truck/Trailer Dealers Truck Equip. Distributors Fleet Service/ Repair Specialists Others Indicate the size of your fleet: *-Select One -1- 4 Vehicles 5-9 10-24 25-49 50- 99 100-299 300-499 500 – 799 800 -999 1,000 or more n/a See all stories on this subject

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