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Took car to oil modification and now examine engine light is on code states P0022

Took car to economy oil for oil change – BAD OPTION – within 40 miles I had o oil and oil light came on. I add to 4qt of oil to get house and inspect engine …
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Does your vehicle have manual gearbox? These 4 bad practices may be damaging it

The minute most feared of all driver is the one where your car needs to go to the workshop for a breakdown. Feared specifically if it is a major malfunction, and as a result their expense of repair work is high. That’s most likely one of the issues that, in addition to its visual appeals, more directly influences the purchase of an automobile and the reason why many purchasers have the tendency to remain devoted to the brand of your previous car, if it has actually suffered a couple of breakdowns, and to turn down particular brands if their experience has been negative. Spain remains a country faithful to the manual changes. But did you know that these 4 bad practices might be ruining your vehicle with manual transmission? The very first thing that you have to be extremely clear is the revs at which the engine of your car works correctly. There is No general rule by which to set the revs at which you ought to reduce one or numerous gears to get the thrust that you need, and safeguard the engine from unnecessary efforts. The contemporary diesel push with energy from far below, the petrol engines with turbo likewise, unlike the atmospheric (non-turbo) that need us to move in a program more pleasant. If you utilize a gear too long, and you find that you have to speed up to a fund to make your vehicle move, and still takes some time to get speed, clearly you need to lower one or several gears in order to avoid unnecessary effort in the engine of your vehicle. Do not slouch, and have fun with the modification, the engine of your vehicle will thank you. This is specifically crucial in the modern diesel, and one of the reasons why many diesels are going out in the workshop with problems in the systems anti-pollution, that need to achieve high temperature levels to restore (see post: did you Know that change the engine of your diesel prevents breakdowns?). So harmful is force the engine of your automobile to work to a program of transformations really low, with a ratio of change is not proper, such as to transform in excess of the engine, particularly in cold. Numerous automatic changes …
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