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The Only Winners in Volkswagen’s Diesel Mess Are Drivers

Jeremy Malczyk’s 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen is no reward. It has 70,000 difficult miles on it, and the interior has been finely detailed by his two young children: beige leather rubbed with beige Cheerios. But the car comes geared up with a two-liter diesel motor doctored to cheat on emissions tests, so it will likely bring nearly $22,000 (PDF) in Volkswagen’s buyback program. A likewise utilized Sportwagen without the filthy diesel would bring about $9,000 on the open market. A U.S. District Court in California may authorize the details of a massive Volkswagen bought program as early as Monday, and checks are expected to drip down this fall to U.S. owners of some 482,000 Golfs, Beetles, Jettas, and Passats, along with Audi A3 sedans offered with engines that break emissions requirements. It will mark an unpleasant hit for Volkswagen– part of a $15.3 billion settlement with the Epa– and a windfall for owners of otherwise deeply depreciated cars. “I purchased it prior to I sort of discovered Jesus, financially,” Malczyk stated of his four-year-old Sportwagen. “So this is going to be kind of a good method to reset.” The typical purchase is expected to range from $12,500 to $44,000, with values pegged to the value 1 of each vehicle prior to the diesel scandal broke in September 2015. All the afflicted vehicles will be considered in “clean condition,” even if the wheels are falling off. Tacked onto the value of each vehicle will be a “restitution” payment equal to 20 percent of the vehicle value, plus $2,987. All informed, owners stand to make a minimum of double what their automobiles were worth just before news of the scandal. “Financially, customers are going to do far much better than if diesel-gate never taken place,” said Ernie Garcia, president of Carvana, an online utilized car dealership in 14 U.S. cities. “My guess is the majority of them will have the ability to decide on this really quickly.” Regulator …
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