Car Salesman Confidential: How To Use Carfax, Part 1

Car Salesperson Confidential: The best ways to Utilize Carfax, Part 1 Everybody finds out about Carfax, right? And everybody knows how to check out one. Right? Well … no. A couple of months ago a couple was available in wanting to trade their 2002 Ford Escort. They still owed money on it and were concerned […]

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Check engine light

Inspect engine light Concern type: Automobile Modification I have a 03 grand Marquis that requires a theromstat real estate but it’s okay but on today my check engine light came on and my automobile is kinda like shaking when I drive exactly what might be the problem Scan for the codes instead of guessing. your […]

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Saturn VUE owner is no fan of its heater fan

Saturn VUE owner is no fan of its heater fan Q: I have a 2004 Saturn VUE. This winter season the heater-A/C fan quit working in position No. 1 however the other speeds worked fine. Now with summer season here, the AIR CONDITIONING only begins in fan position No. 2 and not in Nos. 1, […]

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