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Spot load volume up 12 %

On a nationwide level, we’& rsquo; re seeing signs that spring has actually sprung on the area truckload freight market. The number of readily available spot market loads gained 12 % throughout the week ending March 5, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the DAT network of load boards. Available capacity slipped 1.9 %, which helped elevate national average van, reefer, and flatbed freight rates compared with the previous week. The nationwide load-to-truck ratio climbed to 3.5 loads per truck, suggesting there were 3.5 loads for every single truck published on the DAT network. The nationwide typical van rate increased 2 cents to $1.56 per mile as the variety of van load posts enhanced 12 % and capacity dipped 2 % during the week. The van load-to-truck ratio rose from 1.4 to 1.6, and hot spots in the U.S. economy boosted small markets like Decatur, Ala.; Texarkana, Texas; and Rapid City, S.D. Reefer load posts picked up 10 % and volume was up considerably in big city locations like L.a and Dallas. The variety of truck posts fell 2 % across the country, bumping the refrigerated load-to-truck ratio up 12 % from 2.8 to 3.1. The national average reefer rate increased 1 cent to $1.80 per mile. Flatbed load volume continued to acquire, adding 13 %, while capability decreased 4 %. The flatbed load-to-truck ratio was up 18 % to 14.8, and the nationwide average flatbed rate acquired 3 cents to $1.83 per mile. The nationwide typical diesel price moved back up above $2 a gallon, getting 3 cents to $2.02. Rates are originated from DAT® & reg; RateView, which provides real-time reports on dominating area market and agreement rates, along with historic rate and capability trends. All reported rates for example fuel surcharges. Load-to-truck ratios represent the number of loads posted for each truck offered on DAT load boards. The load-to-truck ratio is a sensitive, real-time indication of the balance in between area market demand and capability. Weather changes i.
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Ranger Design Wins Work Truck Show 2016 Development Award

Ranger Design existed with the 2016 Development Award at the NTEA Work Truck Show recently at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The Work Truck Show Development Award goes to the product considered “most innovative” by a panel of trade media editors and truck fleet supervisors. All products entered in The Work Truck Show 2016 New Item Spotlight or New Item Media Guide programs are qualified. Max View is a safety partition with a top portion formed from clear thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate to snugly fit Ford Transit Link, Ram ProMaster City and Mercedes-Benz Metris freight vans. The Max View partition’s transparent feature considerably improves cargo area visibility, lowers blind areas, allows more light into the cab and produces the sensation of a more wide open, less claustrophobic taxi space, according to the company. The product’s contoured design permits the seats to travel to the complete back position, and its accuracy fit decreases drafts for improved taxi climate control while lowering rattle noise. “Development is a part of our company strategy, and constant feedback from our supplier network assisted assist us in our design of the Max View partition,” said Steve Milizia, local sales manager for Ranger Design. “We are extremely proud to be acknowledged for establishing a product that assists satisfy exactly what the market is seeking– more performance and convenience in the efficiency of their everyday tasks.” For more about limit View safety partition, visit New Max View polycarbonate freight van security partition allows 180 degree visibility and decreases blind spots … See all stories on this subject

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