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Some drivers race to sell their vehicles as much as to win For 3 hours every Friday, the only thing on the mind of the drivers is winning. Keeler Stands’s car owned by Dean Fairbanks is up for sale, which isn’t really constantly unusual when vehicles come to the Black Hills Speedway. The other six days of the week there are company factors to consider to take into account, and for Dean Fairbanks, that includes offering 2 of his vehicles. Those automobiles stand apart since of the “for sale” signs that embellish their hoods and back bumpers. Fairbanks said he’ll do whatever he has to so he can sell his vehicles and build brand-new ones. This year Fairbanks’ 19-year-old nephew, Keeler Stands, is at the wheel for his first season of racing at the Black Hills Speedway. “He’s a natural,” Fairbanks stated. “I have actually never ever seen someone be able to delve into a car and make it do exactly what he makes it do.” Although the car is being sold, Stands said he isn’t going to take care when driving it to keep the vehicle’s value. “We’re attempting to sell it, but at the exact same time, I simply want to head out and have fun,” Stands stated. “It’s not truly in his hands anyhow,” Fairbanks stated. “They’re all my automobiles, so I constantly tell motorists to head out, have fun and keep your line. Next year we’ll put you in a much better automobile.” That desire to build a better automobile isn’t the only factor people sell their automobiles, according to Fairbanks. In the Pastime Stock function, Dallas Porter rolled up into the wall causing a long delay, Porter was fine even though his automobile was not. John Garrigan took house another function win when the track was cleared up, with Fairbanks taking second, Alan McNeil taking third and Dennis Torres finishing fourth. Regardless of numerous restarts after a caution-filled street stock function, it was clear who had the fastest automobile all night, as Troy Murner won his seventh feature race onthe weather. Keep it Clean. Please prevent obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Don’t Threaten. Risks of hurting another person will not be endured. Be Truthful. Don & # 3 …
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