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Smoke screen? Lincoln mayor wishes to boost fire budget plan in spite of fewer blazes

Lincoln’s mayor wants to upgrade the city’s fire truck fleet and work with more firemans, but the city’s fire department is combating less fires every year. While the variety of fires in Lincoln has actually hovered around 2,200 given that 2001, just about 479 of those are actual structure fires, according to the fire department stats. Many are duds and reports of smoke where there was no fire, for example. Mayor Chris Beutler has taken fire for saying the city needs more firemans and upgrades to fire trucks, with his critics accusing him of quelling the fire union to obtain its last-minute recommendation 3 days before he was re-elected. RELATED: GOP implicates Beutler of soothing fire union Republicans implicated him of breaking a project guarantee that a $34.5 million sales tax hike for new fire stations wouldn’t need more firefighters. Beutler stated the firemens aren’t needed since 4 more station house will certainly be built due to the fact that the fire department had a 22 percent boost in hire the past years. While it holds true the overall number of total calls have gone up since 2004, the variety of fire calls has actually decreased. In truth, the fire department had more calls for service in 2001 than last year, according to Lincoln Fire & Rescue’s yearly reports, although Public Security Director Tom Casady stated he doesn’t think the early 2000s reports reflect unique occurrences as they have since 2004. However he easily acknowledges 80 percent of the calls that come in to the fire department are medical calls, which have actually risen from 17,934 in 2004 to 22,500 in 2013. “We supply a lot more healthcare than we do fire combating,” Casady stated. He likens it to the Marines– they might train their whole career and never fire a shot, however we still require trained Militaries at the ready. As is the case nationwide, Lincoln’s fire department acts more like an ambulance service each passing year. Phil Keisling, director of the Center for Public Service at Portland State …
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Alarms sounded over Phila. Fire Department’s aging fire engine and ambulances

In the year because that fire in 2014, sources and records gotten by The Inquirer suggest that mishap had not been an abnormality – that an ambulance rupturing into flames is just a severe example of the deteriorating, often harmful fleet operated by the Philadelphia Fire Department. Union officials and rank-and-file firefighters spoke with The Inquirer about regular breakdowns on engines, ladder trucks, and medic systems – from doors that won’t open to major brake failures – that put emergency vehicles out of commission for days, or even months at a time. (Rank-and-file firemans spoke on condition of privacy, citing a department policy versus speaking to reporters.) Many of the city’s automobiles, those sources said, simply cannot be trusted on the roadways. They are too old and have had a tough service. The Fire Department has 2 workhorse trucks in its aging fleet: 53 engine trucks, which pump water onto fires, and 23 ladder trucks, used for ventilation and rescues. According to figures kept by the department, the typical engine truck is 8.9 years of ages; ladder trucks, 11.5 years; and medic trucks, 3.96 years – old in ambulance years as they respond to much more calls than fire trucks. Over the last few years, purchases of brand-new trucks – 21 engines and two ladders – have brought down the average age of the fleet. But union officials state there are still plenty of harmful cars on the road. The National Fire Security Association, which sets industry standards for the condition of fire automobiles, suggests cities evaluate whether their trucks are still road-ready at 15 years old. But big cities experience a greater volume of calls than smaller rural or rural departments, which takes a toll on the vehicles. In 2011, the in 2013 that Philadelphia’s Fire Department posted stats about its call volume, firefighters and medics addressed 97,682 require fires and 337,382 require medical emergency situations. Fire engine are also sent on medical calls when no ambulances are …
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