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SelecTrucks provides new after-treatment guarantee protection, launches new website

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced an addition to the made use of truck, Select Limited Guarantee coverage choices offered through its utilized truck retail network, SelecTrucks. In addition, the business launched its brand-new site,, to concentrate on client experience. The brand-new service warranty will cover the After-Treatment System (ATS) on both Detroit and Cummins engines. The guarantee is readily available on made use of Freightliner and Western Star trucks. Covered repairs can be finished at any Freightliner or Western Star authorized service center in the United States and Canada. “& ldquo; The brand-new ATS guarantee covers major system components consisting of the Diesel Oxidation Driver (DOC), the Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), and both the Doser Injector and the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Injector. In addition, the coverage consists of Temperature level and Pressure Sensing units,” & rdquo; the business “said. & ldquo; A key feature consisted of in this guarantee is protection for the failure of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which might potentially cost clients as much as $2,500. The expense to change an entire ATS, without this guarantee, might easily surpass $10,000.” & rdquo; Bryan Howard, director of SelecTrucks sales and distribution, stated: “& ldquo; Due to the ever enhancing expense and intricacy of Exhaust After-Treatment Systems required to fulfill EPA emissions requirements, drivers wish to feel more ensured that their investment is safeguarded. The very best method to offer them comfort is to offer the protection they need, and we’& rsquo; ve done just that with our brand-new ATS guarantee.” & rdquo; The business also announced its new website has actually been enhanced for use via desktop, tablet or mobile phone and customers can now search and see current stock for the entire retail network, which the business stated is updated daily. The search functions are developed to let the user search the current inventory of a particular car dealership or specific geographical area. The search results page screen photos of each automobile, together with detailed …
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It’s no mishap: Accident mitigation adoption is pushing on

Advanced security systems remain to drive into fleets. With major fleets like UPS announcing that they are making crash mitigation systems a standard specification on all Class 8 models moving forward, it’s only a matter of time prior to these safety systems end up being as commonplace as the seatbelt. The fact is that accident mitigation systems work. “It’s not only federal government and university research studies, but likewise actual consumer applications which are demonstrating substantial enhancements in accident reduction supplied by advanced safety systems such as SmartTrac Stability Control, OnGuard Collision Mitigation and OnLane Lane-Departure systems,” described Jon Morrison, President of WABCO Americas. “For instance, fleets with OnGuard have actually reported a 75-87 % decrease in rear-end collisions and as much as an 89 % reduction in accident expenses. With more than 80,000 OnGuard systems in the united state market in over 200 fleets, we have protected clients collectively for more than 27 billion miles.” Another driving force is the cost-to-value relationship: As the relative cost of this innovation declines, the value experienced by fleets boosts. “Accident reduction-to-investment is providing payback to customers within two years or less,” Morrison reported. “Add to that the total advantage to driver efficiency and favorable contribution to the fleet’s general security program. “The 3rd key motorist is that innovative brake systems are an essential part of the foundation for enhanced levels of vehicle automation, like platooning for instance,” he continued. “Existing outcomes with products like OnGuard show the capacity of automated intervention to improve vehicle and driver efficiency.” Morrison pointed out that while the development of self-governing innovations is a notable industry trend and vision, it is likewise important not to overlook leading technologies readily available to the market, today, that can instantly improve automobile security and effectiveness. These consist of crash mitigation systems; lane departure systems; air disc brakes; and electronic stability control. “The trucking industry has actually enhanced its focus on self-governing or connected innovations as more and more safety and efficiency advantages surface area,” he specified. New radar- and camera-based security technologies are the stepping-stones to tomorrow’s advanced truck equipment. WABCO expects improved radar capability to become available at a lower expense, in addition to improvements in vision systems and video capture for occasion recording and video data analytics, a substantial boost in value of sensing unit information for analytics and value development and optimized system integration. “These effective sensing units continue to not only enhance as elements, however likewise offer valuable understanding into truck and driver performance as a system,” he stated. In regards to the anticipated evolution of intelligent safety systems, Morrison prepares for improved performance and efficiency of existing crucial technology such as collision mitigation, stability control, lane departure and blind spot tracking and enhanced connection to Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and/or “the cloud.” “We also expect combined use of on-truck smart security systems with off-truck information processing assistance to offer vehicle automation and connectivity services that encourage movement to a greater level of vehicle automation and motorist interaction,” he said. The truck industry shows no indication of reducing going into 2016. Morrison anticipates the marketplace to continue at a production run rate similar to Q1 and Q2 and surface with a double-digit boost in Class 8 truck production compared with 2014. No doubt that the trucks rolling off the OE assembly line and onto tomorrow’s roadways are safer, and more efficient, than ever before. Kenworth Truck Co. has actually revealed three brand-new choices for its professional lineup of trucks. Allison Transmission’s 4700 RDS seven-speed automatic transmission– with optional second “deep reverse”– … Find out more Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced an addition to the utilized truck Select Limited Warranty protection alternatives readily available through its made use of truck retail network, SelecTrucks. The brand-new … Find out more Business Type: -Select One- Contract/Common Provider Lease/Rental Bus Transportation Other Personal Fleets Food Production/Processing Construction/Mining/Logging Petroleum Production/Marketing Energy Manufacturing/Processing Retail/Wholesale Government Manufacturers Truck/Trailer Dealers Truck Equip. Distributors Fleet Service/ Repair work Specialists Others Suggest the size of your truck fleet: -Select One- 1-4 automobiles 5-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-299 300-499 500-799 800-999 1,000 or more Not available See all stories on this topic

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