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San Antonio man has engine that gets 100 mpg Josh MacDowell is utilizing a 200-year-old technology to take the automobile industry into the future. (Image: KENS) We’& rsquo; ve heard rumors for several years about engines with the ability of getting 100 miles to a gallon of fuel, but the truth is much closer than you might think. Josh “& ldquo; Mac & rdquo; MacDowell says he not only has the engine, he has developed a concept, strong enough the U.S. patent workplace has given him a patent for it. MacDowell is utilizing a Stirling engine, coupled with thermopile innovation to make it possible to drive a Hybrid electric vehicle and never ever have to stop to charge it. The Stirling engine was really created 200 years back, in 1816. The engine is driven by the exchange of cold and hot air, much like nature drives a thunderstorm. The Stirling engine can using roughly 50% of the energy it produces. An internal combustion engine, like the ones in our cars, uses about 14%. MacDowell’& rsquo; s concept is so solid, Texas A & M University is totally behind him on the task. Dr. Mirley Balasubramanya, Teacher & Dean College of Arts & Sciences, and Interim Chair of the Department of Sciences & Mathematics at A & M states when MacDowell showed him his theory and computations he thought“& ldquo; this is a terrific idea and why didn’& rsquo; t another person consider this. MacDowell says for the exact same factor the Wright brothers didn’& rsquo; t book on Eastern Airlines & hellip; due to the fact that someone needed to do it first. MacDowell acquired a Stirling engine from NASA. The area firm experimented with one in a number of cars throughout the late 70’& rsquo; s & early 80 & rsquo; s and got approximately 54 miles per gallon in a Dodge pickup. However gas At that time had to do with $1.00 a gallon, so there simply wasn’& rsquo; t a need or desire to pursue the project. Where MacDowell has meetinged the nail square on the head is with his patent for utilizing it in a Hybrid electrical car. Within 6 months, MacDowell says he will have the Stirling engine he has in a Ford F-150 and will ge …
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Fiat Chrysler Cars NV (NYSE: FCAU) Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne is understood to be among the market veterans totally against electric vehicle (EVs). Formerly, he told his clients to not purchase his EVs because they were unprofitable and has freely stated he would copy Tesla Motors Inc’& rsquo; s(NASDAQ: TSLA)design if they & rsquo; re able to produce the Design 3 without losing money on it. Mr. Sergio offered an interview to Vehicle Magazine where he reiterated his comments and explained how he does not comprehend how a carmaker can generate income by offering EVs. In addition, his remarks indicated that the Design 3’& rsquo; s buzz is simply a Web bubble and compared Tesla’& rsquo; s success in promoting the Model 3 to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) success with iPhone. While expecting relevance of internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles to fall and thinking that “& ldquo; electrification may be the next big thing,” & rdquo; the man in charge of Jeep, Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa is amazed with the Design 3’& rsquo; s impact. The vehicle & rsquo; s reservations of over 300,000 reminds him of the “& ldquo; Web bubble & rdquo; and doesn & rsquo; t see Tesla & rsquo; s company design as long-lasting sustainable, which has “& ldquo; absolutely nothing another business can not reproduce.” & rdquo; He admitted that Tesla was the very first automaker to present an EV with upmarket products and created an icon, just like what Apple finished with the iPhone. “‘& ldquo; & lsquo; Welcome to the world of icons!’ & rsquo; quips Marchionne ‘. & lsquo; I wear & rsquo; t make iPhones. I make vehicles. Why don & rsquo; t I make the iPhone of cars? Due to the fact that if it looks and smells like Tesla, I don’& rsquo; t understand the best ways to make that economic model work,” & rdquo; Mr. Marchionne mentioned. He continued saying that his business builds cars, sells them, and pays costs, but he is unsure if he can recover all the expenses, not to mention earn money, through electrification. It appears that the Fiat chief is not copying Tesla’& rsquo; s model due to the fact that he does not know how to m.
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