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RS-25 Engines: Fulfilling the Need for Speed

Rocket engines are among the most incredible machines ever invented. That’s generally due to the fact that they have to do among the most severe jobs ever developed – spaceflight – starting with escaping Earth’s deep gravity well. Orbital speed, simply for beginners, is over 17,000 mph, and that only gets you a couple hundred miles off the surface. Going further needs going quicker. Much quicker. The RS-25 makes a modern race vehicle or jet engine resemble a wind-up toy. It needs to handle temperature levels as low as minus 400 degrees where the propellants get in the engine and as high as 6,000 degrees as the exhaust exits the combustion chamber where the propellants are burned. It has to move a lot of propellants to generate a lot of energy. At the rate the 4 SLS core phase engines consume propellants, they might drain a household swimming pool in 1 minute. The most complex part of the engine is its 4 turbopumps which are liable for accelerating fuel and oxidizer to those insanely high circulation rates. The high pressure fuel turbopump major shaft turns at 37,000 rpms as compared to about 3,000 rpm for an automobile engine at 60 mph. The bottom line is that the RS-25 produces 512,000 pounds of drive. That’s more than 12 million horse power. That suffices to push 10 huge warship around the ocean at nearly 25 mph. If the efficiency requirement to turn massive amounts of fuel into massive amounts of fire wasn’t enough, an engine can’t take up a lot of mass or area in a rocket. A vehicle engine creates about half a single horse power to each pound of engine weight. The RS-25 high pressure fuel turbopump generates 100 horse power for each pound of its weight. However forget simple vehicle engines. The RS-25 has to do with the same weight and size as two F-15 jet competitor engines, yet it produces 8 times more thrust. A single turbine blade the size of a quarter – and the exact number and configuration inside the pump is now considered delicate – produces more equivalent horse power than a Corvette ZR1 engine. On …
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Brasher staging 7th annual Cruise In and Vehicle Program on Aug. 26

BRASHER FALLS & #x 2014; Visitors to this year & #x 2019; s town of Brasher Super Cruise In and Automobile Program will certainly have a special treat. Town Manager M. James Dawson stated Colton resident Jerry J. Bartlett will certainly be bringing a vehicle that he developed that tied for starting point in a most-efficient car competitors. The vehicle accomplished 250 miles per gallon in a race this year. Mr. Dawson said he saw Mr. Bartlett at 2 car shows with his vehicle, which works on a three-cylinder Kubota internal combustion engine. & #x 201c; Obviously there were only four cars made. One remained in a movie, one was ruined, another one was in Wisconsin and a gentleman from Oregon purchased it and fixed it up, and the one Jerry has, & #x 201d; Mr. Dawson said. & #x 201c; He holds the record for an internal combustion engine powered by a petroleum product. & #x 201d; In an e-mail to Mr. Dawson, Mr. Bartlett stated he was anticipating the show. His automobile, a home-built diesel Urba Centurion, is based on designs by Robert Q. Riley, an independent design and engineering specialist in Phoenix, Ariz. Mr. Bartlett first saw the Centurion plans in a 1982 copy of Mechanix Illustrated. A version of the car was utilized in the film & #x 201c; Total Recall & #x 201d; for its futuristic look. Mr. Bartlett & #x 2019; s automobile will be parked alongside the registration desk during the show, which ranges from 4 to 8 p.m. Aug. 26 at the Brasher Court. In case of rain, the event will be held Aug. 27. This year & #x 2019; s show is being held a week later than in previous years since of scheduling disputes, however Mr. Dawson said organizers are still expecting the typical big crowd that fills up all the offered area around the municipal building. The program showcases music by The Drifters and Container List, and members of the Quad Town Lions Club will certainly be on hand to staff the concession, offering hamburgers, hotdogs and other food and beverages. & #x 201c; Every bit of the proceeds from the Lions Club concession stand and 50/50 goes into th …
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