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Roadshow: Do not sit in your cool car with the engine idling

Q As we get in the best time of the year, let us not forget that our own comfort can be addressed in other methods besides sitting in our idling cars for prolonged periods with the ac unit on. Most businesses have cooling, so go inside instead of sitting in the car park making air quality even worse. I just witnessed a motorist for a local company sit for at least an hour with his engine on while he was on the phone. Did he break any laws? Larry Edson Campbell A No, but your concerns are well taken. Air quality experts say idling for over 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more smog than restarting your engine. Also, filling up your tank during morning or evening hours can prevent gas fumes from heating up and creating ozone. And a last tip: Don’t round off the tank. Doing so releases gas fumes into the air. Q I have a pet peeve. When waiting in a long line for gas at Costco, I constantly get out my payment card and enjoy the line for my turn. I exit the car quickly and get on with scanning the card, opening the gas cap and pumping my gas. What bugs me is when homeowners wait till they get up to the pump, then fish around in their pocket or handbag for their credit/debit cards. They saunter approximately the pump, commonly on their phone. It takes long enough to wait for numerous cycles of automobiles to obtain our turn at the pump, so can we minimize the time by preparing? Perhaps it’s the heat. People want to stay in their air-conditioned vehicle! Teresa Stewart San Jose A Arrrgh. With their vehicles idling. Not good. Q Now that they have opened Fremont Boulevard all the method to McCarthy at Dixon Landing Road, it should make it much quicker for me to obtain home. However there is a major bottleneck north of Warren Avenue where the two-lane road combines to one lane. Any strategies to fix this? Chris Ware Fremont A There definitely are. Expanding will certainly take place in 2 phases. The very first will supply a 2nd lane northbound by the end of the year. The second stage will certainly provide two lanes southbound …
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Royal Marines charity raffles brand-new Aston Martin convertible, or ₤ 75000 in money

The fortunate winner of the automobile will certainly have to make a challenging decision– to keep the automobile, which has a street value of more than ₤ 90,000, or accept ₤ 75,000 …
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