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Revaluing Household Treasures for the Taxman

Need to connect your House Delivery subscription to Link your membership »& raquo; … See all stories on this subject Sentra gets a significant recasting inside and out In between major car redesigns, automakers will do what they call a”mid-cycle freshening.”This is usually a mostly cosmetic workout that typically totals up to changing the grille, fascias, head and taillights, tweaking the

interior, and providing fresh wheels. Nissan went considerably further when freshening the 2016 edition of the Sentra, its popular compact sedan. As one Nissan personnel informed me, “We invested three times more than we’ve spent in the past to refresh this automobile.” After restyling the normal suspects, Nissan designers likewise made a new hood and fenders. The net outcome is a more dynamic and visual body design connected to those of the larger, more upmarket Ultima and Maxima. The engineers then set about improving the driving dynamics, ride convenience, and sound dampening. Cornering is even more improved by a system becoming significantly popular in the market. Nissan calls the Sentra variation “Active Understeer Control.”It works by braking the inner front wheel as you go into a turn. This tucks the automobile’s nose into the corner, and negates the understeer, or outside push, inherent in front-drive automobiles like the Sentra. The new Sentra is also quieter, thanks to a battery of sound-deadening techniques. An acoustic film between the windshield laminations deflects noise. Much better insulation in the doors and dash also assisted to keep the decibels down, as do brand-new engine installs. The bottom line is little in the method of wind and road sound. Like the majority of little, hardworking fours (1.8 liters, 130 horsepower), the Sentra engine gets a bit buzzy when flogged but is fine during regular use. The Sentra’s engine, like its continually variable automatic transmission (CVT)and base, 6-speed manual, is a carryover from 2015. The only change is the CVT’s mapping, which now supplies synthetic” shift points.” “Customers want to feel those shift points,”observed Phillip Sanchez, a Nissan senior marketing planner. The Sentra’s drive tr … See all stories on this subject

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