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Renault Trucks introduces a brand-new tool for tracking and aiding eco-driving ecoRenault Trucks is extending its Optifleet onboard telematics option with a brand-new performance to help long run drivers with their eco-driving. It gives clients the possibility of tracking and separately assessing their drivers’ performance by drawing on Renault Trucks’ 20 years’ experience in cost-effective driving. A vehicle’s fuel intake arises from a driving behaviour pattern along with a variety of specifications which are beyond the driver’s control. For instance, the load, the path and traffic conditions. As a repercussion, Renault Trucks has now established a new tool that examines driving style based upon a number of unbiased criteria. Included into Optifleet, the Renault Trucks onboard telematics option and its Examine module, it allows fleet supervisors to track and analyse their motorists’ efficiency more properly, thus reducing their expense of usage. Thanks to a highly visual interface, the Fleet Manager can easily identify specific Motorist advancement opportunities. These can easily be discussed in an objective way with the specific drivers and dove-tailed into any potential future training needs. For example, the French business Inter-Légumes – – a Renault Trucks consumer that trialled the concept – – has been able to check this new capability over a duration of numerous months on the 55 Renault Trucks Range T vehicles in its fleet. “This new Optifleet capability implies a lot more than just bare fuel usage data as it makes tracking and interacting with our drivers a lot simpler. It really shows if the driver is making the very best use of the truck, allowing us to have actually conversations based on accurate figures and above all, objectives,” discusses Christophe Boulicaut, a teacher with Inter-Légumes. “Moreover, I can access each driver’s efficiency in just a couple of clicks, allowing me to quickly determine areas that can be improved. Each month, I post every driver’s scores and we reward the one who com …
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In the United States, truck-mounted aerials are frequently associated with the electrical energy industry. Bigger models assist develop and preserve high-voltage transmission lines that stretch from tower to tower numerous feet above the countryside, and smaller sized designs are a familiar sight setting up and maintaining the circulation lines that carry crucial electrical power to houses, commercial buildings, factories, and other users. But a host of other markets– ranging from telecommunications and tree care, to commercial and transport indication work, lighting installation and upkeep, window installation and cleaning, developing evaluation and maintenance, bridge inspection, and railway work– also depend on truck-mounted lifts to finish their work efficiently and securely. Numerous of the manufacturers that make truck-mounted aerials for electrical utility usage likewise manufacture models developed for non-utility applications. And in some cases, the exact same models serve both energy and non-utility users. For example, tree-care workers who cut branches away from power lines can use an insulated lift as definitely as the utility teams who work straight on the live wires. Significant manufacturers who make truck-mounted aerials in the United States include Altec, Elliott Equipment, Manitex, Terex Utilities, and Time Production (Versalift). They are participated the marketplace by 3 principal European manufacturers: Finland’s Bronto Skylift, Austria’s Palfinger, and Italy’s Socage. Bronto Skylift’s U.S. operations are headquartered in Orlando, Fla., and Palfinger’s North American operations are centered in Niagara Falls, Ontario, with related companies in Tiffin, Ohio; Council Bluffs, Iowa; and Oklahoma City, Okla. Socage does not have an operation in the United States, but among its crucial suppliers is Truck Utilities in St. Paul, Minn. Varying market views The state of the marketplace for truck-mounted aerials used outside of electrical utility work seems to depend upon whom you speak with …
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