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Rand McNally Offers 7-inch Tablet

April 7, 2016 – Products SHARING TOOLS |Subscribe Rand McNally has released a 7-inch version of its TND Tablet for truckers, providing motorists another choice for a combined truck-specific GPS and preloaded Android tablet. The initial TND Tablet included an 8-inch screen and the brand-new version keeps all of the very same features however provides it in a more compact form aspect. Both tablets can be paired with the Rand McNally’& rsquo; s just recently announced ELD 50 gadget to develop a certified electronic logging system. The TND Tablet supplies driver-centered features such as truck-specific routing, mileage tracking and an on-board dash web cam. It comes preloaded with apps for file scanning, load matching and book-keeping assistance. Because the tablet is running Android software, it still offers e-mail, social media, a web browser and other forms of entertainment. Priced at $449.99, the TND Tablet 70 is offered at retail truck stops and travel centers, select online outlets and at Rand McNally’& rsquo; s online store. Go straight to this business’s home page We offer e-newsletters that provide targeted news and information for the entire fleet industry … See all stories on this topic Self-Driving Truck Convoy Finishes A 1000-Mile Trip Across Europe 07 April 2016, Amsterdam: A squad of a dozen or so self-driving freight trucks simply finished a presentation in Europe that covered over a thousand miles and crossed several borders, all with very little human help. The trucks were all part of the European Truck

Platooning Obstacle, an event sponsored by the Dutch federal government, and which is focused on making

fleets of wise, self-driving cargo trucks a practical business truth.”Platooning”is essentially just close, linked, fleet-based driving where follower trucks link to the automobile ahead of them with Wi-Fi and preserve a really tight driving formation that wouldn’t be safe for more fallible human motorists. A variety of different business participated, each using trucks and technology of its own. Scania, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, had the fleet that finished the most outstanding journey of over 1,000 miles. The benefits over human-based trucking are myriad. Aside from not relying on humans that require breaks for frustrating things like food, sleep, and sanity, the developments that platooning enables can conserve a lot of cash in fuel expenses by minimizing wind resistance. Research study firm TNO approximates that trucks use 15 percent less fuel while they’re platooning. There’s a push for similar tech in the United States as well. Last year, Freightliner revealed its prototype”Motivation Truck,”a self-driving prototype created for hauling cargo. Around the very same time, members of the Central North American Trade Corridor Association (CNATCA)started going over the possibility of a robots-only highway that would range from Texas, up through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and on into Manitoba. It will probably still be a while before any of this holds as a common business practice; laws that differ in between states in the United States and nations in Europe indicate that cumulative legal action needs to take place before fleets like these have the possible to take a trip … See all stories on this subject

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