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Quick Drive: The 2016 Mazda6 Is Well Worth Your Consideration

In its list of 10 significant disappointments for 2014, the esteemed writers at Jalopnik kept in mind, at No. 6, that “people continue to buy automobiles that aren’t the Mazda3.” Instead, they selected Civics, Corollas, Cruzes, and Focuses; Mazda’s compact 3 mainly got the pass, regardless of its proficiency as a day-to-day motorist. After hanging out behind the wheel of the 3’s older sibling– the 6– I’m very sure that very same frustration uses throughout Mazda’s lineup. Mazda fields an exceptionally competitive lineup of vehicles, but for whatever factor, it’s still considered an underdog in many segments as business like Honda and Toyota walk away with the best-selling prizes each month. Not only are the current vehicles from Mazda amongst the most gorgeous in their segment, but they’re uncharacteristically stylish as well, and at the end of the day, they make for a ridiculously excellent value. In the midsize sector– where the Mazda6 plays– it made use of to be that you would generally pick in between the lower of 2 beiges. Things began to alter when Ford exposed its new Fusion in 2013, with Aston-invoking styling that bucked the beige-mobile trend. Toyota followed suit with a more aggressive and bolder-styled Camry, and Mazda– bless its heart– presented the brand-new 6 in 2014. The 6 handled to do many things that the remainder of the lineup wasn’t yet doing. It didn’t just look the part, it in fact is enjoyable to drive. It’s not lacking power, per se, and it’s certainly efficient. In top-spec Touring (the model I drove), it offers many of the facilities you ‘d discover in a luxury car, yet it barely breaches the $30,000 mark before alternatives. Let’s start with the outdoors, because it’s generally the very first thing one would discover about a vehicle. It’s tough to reject that the Mazda is very. At fast glimpse, it’s simple to confuse it for something much faster than a $30,000 Japanese family sedan. The dual exhaust pointers, subtle lip spoiler, and flowing sheet metal ensur …
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