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Quehenberger Logistics optimises its fleet of forklift trucks with battery charging innovation from …

Quehenberger Logistics GmbH’s logistics website in Enns is one of the most crucial hubs for the business, which runs throughout Europe. To ensure constant accessibility of the electric forklift trucks for their internal material circulation, the business counts on ingenious battery charging innovation from Fronius. The Selectiva battery charging systems and “Cool Battery Guide Easy” info and management system guarantee maximum utilisation of the battery swimming pool, along with an ultra-gentle and energy-efficient charging process. These advantages imply Quehenberger not only take advantage of a trustworthy, completely functioning stacker fleet, but likewise substantially lower operating expense. Quehenberger Logistics GmbH’s transhipment warehouse in Enns, Upper Austria, handles all way of products – – from toothbrushes and gummy bears to t-shirts, car tires and refrigerators. Lorries constantly dock at the warehouse’s 62 gates to deliver or collect goods. With an overall storage location of 25,000 square metres, the site is one of the logistics business’s biggest and essential nerve centres. The transhipment warehouse, which was commissioned in 2007 and inhabits a location of 7,000 m ², is a fundamental part of the site. Thirty-six employees work around the clock on a three-shift system storing, obtaining and transferring goods. Quehenberger Logistics is a medium-sized logistics company specialising in transport management, and network and contract logistics. As part of the Augustin Quehenberger Group, which has over 89 sites in 18 countries, the company has a substantial worldwide network to make use of. Quehenberger’s primary operations are concentrated on main and eastern Europe, but it is also active in other locations like Scandinavia. The Enns website is generally responsible for the transport logistics of numerous widely known food, chemist and fabric merchants and products their branches throughout Austria and abroad. Its QX Express service supplies goods in p.
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Personal History: Mickey Olson– On the road, on the trail

It was the winter of 1927 and Olson’s moms and dads Andrew and Elizabeth were living on a farm in Malakwa. The roadway to the nearby medical facility, in Revelstoke, had not been raked, so they got on a train to obtain to the medical facility. Mickey was born not long into the journey, as the train was passing Taft. “The train never stopped, it just kept going,” he stated. Olson is 89 now and he’s lived nearly his whole life in Revelstoke. If you acknowledge his name, it might be since of the path named after him at the Mount Macpherson Nordic Centre. The middle kid from nine kids, his household relocated to a small acreage simply south of Revelstoke, which later on ended up being called Nelles Ranch and is now the new home of Terra Firma Farm. That’s where he matured. His mother took care of the kids while his daddy ran a grader during construction of the Big Bend Highway. His family had a large garden, raised cows and supplied lumber to the old Central School, which burned down in 1959. “We chose to use to haul that in with the horses,” he said. To make some spending money, he made 50 cents a week recovering water from a creek and kindling wood for the fire. He purchased a bike with his revenues. Olson went to Mount Macpherson primary school, a little school that served the backwoods south of town. In the winter, he would ski the three kilometres to school and back. He and his pals would construct little ski jumps around the school. “We would get on moonlight nights,” he stated. On one jump, his bindings offered on him, causing him to injure his ankle. “They had to haul me home on a horse and carriage,” he recalled. Olson spent most of his adult life as a truck logger. He started working with the McInnes household before beginning his own business with Dan McGee. He transported logs in the Big Bend location, and south of town. He would drive the lumbering trucks up and down the old Big Bend Highway. On long hills, he would inch up slowly, enjoying his lunch. Once, a passing tourist lacked his automobile to ask him to pull over s.
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