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Procter & Gamble Achieves Gas Fleet Objective

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has actually followed through on a significant commitment it made to natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in 2013, when it revealed plans to partner with its transportation carriers and convert up to 20 % of its North American truck loads to NGVs by 2016. In its 2015 Sustainability Credit report, P&G exposes that the company has actually achieved its 20 % goal and states, “This represents more than 14 million truck miles utilizing cleaner-burning natural gas, while at the exact same time providing numerous millions in expense savings.” Damon Jones, a representative for P&G, informs NGT News the business’s key carriers consented to transform a portion of their truck fleets to NGVs in order to transfer P&G items, such as Bounty, Charmin and Pampers, between P&G manufacturing plants and warehouse, as well as from distribution centers to consumers. Nevertheless, Jones discusses, “The variety of trucks in our fleet changes daily, and we determine our portion target on overall miles took a trip, not on the number of trucks.” As to why P&G made the dedication to natural gas, he states, “Primarily, gas provides a lower carbon footprint compared with diesel, so this helps drive towards our general [sustainability] objective.” Jones states P&G has actually also tossed its assistance behind broadening natural gas refueling infrastructure, noting that the company owns a compressed gas station at its Mehoopany, Pa., center. According to the 2015 credit record, that on-site station allows over 60 NGVs each day to refuel and provide P&G items throughout the Northeast. The file adds that P&G is likewise “dealing with external CNG companies as an anchor occupant for new stations along key shipping lanes.” Jones specifies P&G hopes its assistance of NGVs and associated facilities will influence other companies to invest in the alternative transportation fuel. Looking ahead, he states P&G will continue to consider natural gas fleets. “There are some restrictions, of …
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Fleet Tax Pro type targeted at simplifying Alberta’s new car registration process

CALGARY, Alta.– New regulations on how Albertans in the trucking industry fill out their automobile registration types have worked, and with 2016 looming, several owner-operators, leasers and companies will have to follow these brand-new rules. Sandy Johnson of North Star Fleet Solutions, creator of the Fleet Tax Pro website and Truck West writer, provided a webinar earlier in the month to assist those trying to find information on these brand-new provincial standards. “There seems to be a lot of confusion around not only whose name can appear on a registration,” stated Johnson, “however likewise some brand-new kinds which are required, when they are required and whose name goes on the kind and where.” Owner-operators, for instance, were previously noted on automobile registrations as the lessor, however under the brand-new rules, only leasing companies can appear on the forms. Johnson said numerous owner-operators are ‘scratching their heads’ over this modification, as having one’s name on the registration as the owner of a piece of equipment ‘would seem to be a crucial information.’ However, as Johnson mentioned, the province has actually indicated that only a valid proof of purchase is proof of ownership, not vehicle registration, which is why she highlighted the significance of retaining the proof of purchase. Prior to the new regulations, if a vehicle was owned, registration documents would indicate the owner-operator’s name as the lessor, and if the automobile was leased, both the leasing business and owner-operator’s name would reveal as the lessor. Now, if a car is owned, the lessor field remains blank, and if the vehicle is leased, just the renting business’s name will appear as the lessor. Johnson did state the brand-new automobile registrations can be made complex, which Fleet Tax Pro has created an Excel form to make that procedure simpler. To purchase Fleet Tax Pro’s Alberta Motor Vehicle forms device for $5 USD see…See all stories on this subject

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