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Porsche wins 24 Hr of Le Mans as Toyota breaks down with two to go Porsche has actually won the 24 Hr of Le Mans after the leading No. 5 Toyota TS050 Hybrid came to a halt on the pit straight with 2 minutes to go. It came in among the most awesome, race-long fights in current history, which saw Toyota go head-to-head with Porsche, and lead for most of the race till Kazuki Nakajima lost power on the penultimate lap. Despite the No. 5 Toyota of Nakajima and co-drivers Anthony Davidson and Sebastien Bueumi not relinquishing the lead for around four hours to the end, the trio took pleasure in a race-long battle with the No. 2 Porsche, as well as the No. 6 Toyota. Jani led the early phases of the race, which began under the security vehicle due to heavy rain, prior to Mike Conway put the No. 6 Toyota out front, and held a slight advantage through the night. However, by sunup, the No. 5 Toyota had the ability to take the obstacle to the No. 2 Porsche and the sister Toyota in what became an enthralling three-way fight for top honors. Davidson made the important pass around the No. 2 Porsche of Jani with 4 hours and 4 minutes staying and held a slim gap to exactly what appeared to be a clear success for Toyota Gazoo Racing. It would have been the first Le Mans wins for 2014 FIA World Stamina Champions Davidson and Buemi, along with Nakajima, who would have been just the 3rd Japanese motorist to insurance claim overall honors. Jani, Romain Dumas and Marc Lieb had actually been unable to match Toyota’s 14-lap fuel stints over the early phases, which likewise played into Toyota’s hands, and were set for a second-place surface. However, Nakajima’s stopped Toyota opposite the primary grandstand handed the win to Jani’s Porsche. The No. 6 Toyota of Conway, Stephane Sarrazin and Kamui Kobayashi completed four laps behind in third, after their bid for victory deciphered in the closing hours. A spin by Kobayashi, while running third, resulted in a journey to the garage with less than three hours to go, and put them out of contention, although able to keep its position. With Toyota and Porsc …
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Ferrari (but only if you remember to plug it in )It has a Bioweapon Defence Mode and accelerates faster than a Ferrari. There are two sci-fi engine booster buttons– one labelled ‘Ludicrous’, the other one ‘Insane’. Yet perhaps the strangest thing of everything about the 155mph Tesla Model X is that it is entirely real, and will be on British roads by the end of the year. The seven-seat Design X is the latest electrical automobile from Tesla founder Elon Musk, the 44-year-old South African-born magnate who made his fortune by offering electronic payment company PayPal to online auction house eBay for ₤ 800 million in 2002. The seven-seat Model X is the latest electrical automobile from Tesla creator Elon Musk (press reporter Ben pictured inspecting the automobile’s interior) The Mail on Sunday was granted an unique first take a look at ‘the automobile of the future’ in Oslo. I start by analyzing the car’s falcon-wing rear doors that open out and upwards. The business claims they’re good for tight parking areas. But maybe their real function is to offer some kerbside theatre to help validate the Design X’s price, which starts at ₤ 71,900, much like luxury SUVs from Variety Rover or Porsche. The falcon wings were motivated by Star Wars– Musk admits he’s ‘a huge geek’– and its other functions show an unexpected Silicon Valley sense of humour completely lacking in Tesla’s sober rivals. Hit the ‘Ludicrous’ button (one action up from ‘Insane’) on the dashboard and this SUV will speed up hard and fast enough for the G-force to distort your vision and compress your chest. The top-of-the-range design strikes 60mph in just 3.2 seconds– a ₤ 238,000 Ferrari FF takes 3.8 seconds. Musk is also a fan of spoof rockumentary Spine Tap, so the audio system’s volume control goes ‘all the way to 11’– an ‘in’ joke from the cult film about the crazy shenanigans of an imaginary heavy rock band. The air-con system has a Bioweapon Defence Mode, triggered by tapping a biohazard logo design on the touchscreen. It utilizes a medical-grade air filter making the …
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