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PMTC reveals brand-new motorist training scholarship

MILTON, Ont.– The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) has actually exposed a brand-new scholarship that will be awarded at its yearly conference in June. The brand-new scholarship is called the PMTC Specialist Commercial Automobile Driver Training Scholarship. The recipient of the award will get a complete TTSAO or PTDI certified training course through KRTS Transport experts, or $5,000 to another authorized school if the winner is from outside of Ontario. “In recognition of our ongoing alliance with the PMTC and our new partnership with the TTSAO, ISB and our MEE Driver Credentials platform, we are excited to be sponsoring this year’s PMTC Professional CMV Motorist Training Scholarship,” said Michael Thompson, CEO of ISB Canad. “The very first, and one of the most vital actions to enrolling a brand-new student or employing a brand-new driver, is having them fully qualified by the MEE Driver Certification platform.” PMTC president Mike Millian said: “With MEE so happily choosing to move to sponsoring the brand-new award this year, it has permitted Aviva Canada to move into being the new sponsor of the PMTC-Aviva Fleet Security Awards, which was an ideal fit for Aviva and their objectives of promoting optimal Fleet Safety practices…… The PMTC is grateful to the supporters of the goals and goals of promoting finest practices in fleet security and training, and thanks Aviva, MEE and KRTS for working together to promote all three.”…
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Star expands shipment fleet

UK powered access rental company Star platforms has added 2 brand-new 32 tonne DAF delivery van to its fleet as part of a growth programme.See all stories
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