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PMTC workshop to cover CVORs, brand-new examination requirements and freight security

TORONTO, Ont. — — The Personal Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) will host a seminar Jan. 13 to talk about Ontario’s CVOR program and freight security. An Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) representative will be on-hand to talk about the province’s CVOR program. Details will be supplied on how fleets can utilize the program to keep track of and correct issues within their operations before MTO gets involved. “When a fleet correctly utilizes its CVOR to frequently monitor its fleet, it is able spot trends and use this as a proactive method to intervene, train personnel and correct issues before they end up being a significant issue,” discusses PMTC president Mike Millian. The MTO will also review the just recently embraced NSC Requirement 11b and outline what providers and mechanics must do to ensure compliance with the new routine automobile examination demands. Also presenting will be an agent from AFIMAC Global, who will supply understanding into cargo security finest practices throughout the supply chain. PMTC members can go to for $25 and non-members for $100. To sign up, email Vanessa Cox at or call 905-827-0587 … See all stories on this subject A Various Method to Take a look at Maintenance Any fleet that wants to remain in business keeps its trucks. We all understand that without routinely scheduled maintenance trucks will breakdown. But did you know that maintenance can assist you improve your fleet & rsquo; s fuel economy? We just recently completed a Self-confidence File on the impact of

upkeep on a truck & rsquo; s fuel effectiveness. What we discovered was that truck provided added maintenance or more optimized upkeep might see effectiveness gains in the 5 % to 10 % range. Savings like this show that implementing more reliable upkeep protocols by increasing the size of your upkeep staff, and/or purchasing maintenance software application, centers or other tools will pay for itself in fuel savings in simply a few years. And this, naturally, is on top of the fact that trucks will be running safely and reliably. We determined 10 key locations of the truck that are most influenced by upkeep: lubricants/engine oil, intake/exhaust systems & DPFs, engine cooling systems, air compressors, wheel alignment, tires, fuel filter systems, aerodynamic devices, electrical systems and air conditioning systems. This does not indicate you ought to disregard maintenance on other areas of the truck or other systems and parts, it simply suggests that for these 10 areas we were able to real show fuel economy gains as a result of correct upkeep. One thing I found extremely fascinating is that 75 % of the fleets we surveyed stated they state a strong or really strong connection in between maintenance practices and fuel economy. However they likewise stated that unless they could show that link it would be challenging to obtain management to spend more on bays, service technicians or devices to improve the maintenance function. I comprehend that there are some challenges making sure each and every truck in your fleet gets its upkeep services precisely when it is expected to. This is especially real if your trucks don & rsquo; t return to your terminals regularly. Fortunately exists are software solu … See all stories on this topic

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