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Playing unclean: AMTs and automatics make major relocations into professional fleets Well, if you’re an Old-fashioned, Manual Gearbox kinda driver disgusted by the infusion of automated and automated transmission into long-haul fleets, there’s always employment, right? Because everyone understands that automated handbook, and fully-automatic transmissions will never be able to cut it in the rough-and-tumble world of mixers, disposes and other construction or occupation applications. Well, not so quick. Charlie Cook, professional product manager for Peterbilt, just recently told me that more than 50 percent of the business’s Class 8 trucks are rolling off the factory floor with AMTs. And while the majority of those automobiles wind up in long-haul applications, the number in trade applications is growing at an impressive rate also. Which’s a pattern that is just going to continue. One of the more amazing stories behind the sweeping approval of AMTs in North America today has actually been the incredibly low number of design flaws they have actually displayed. There are constantly going to be issues with new products and technology, of course. But extensive concerns just have not raised their awful heads with AMTs. A huge part of that reason can be credited to the fact that numerous AMT designs –– most especially Volvo’s I-Shift –– cut their teeth for years in Europe prior to being introduced in North America. And because the take rate for AMTs was much bigger, much faster than here, making sure durability in vocational applications was an offered. Popular NowLatest three sticking indicate consider: Why (or why not) video?FMCSA looks for ‘doable’ crash preventability assessmentOops: Proposed employing standard fails to think about 400,000+ unrated carriers A couple of years back, I was able to check out Sweden on a Volvo journey and see for myself how well the I-Shift performed in actually tough, off roadway logging work in a harsh environment on the very edge of the Arctic Circle. The fleet and motorists both had outright self-confidence in their AMTs. And the work they were doing remained in ext.
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That holds for a detailed network on highways, however not for early rollout. In fact the network concern strikes me as the killer barrier to the scheme, similar to hydrogen automobiles. We have seen how quite small and cheaply soluble problems of network coverage of fast chargers have held up the switch to BEV automobiles. A truck fleet operator will not even think about buying pricey trolley-trucks until the majority of the nationwide highway network is catenaried. Early stages of the rollout will be underused and make heavy losses. I don’t see this happening.

CleanTechnica is the # 1 cleantech-focused news & analysis site worldwide. Subscribe today! The future is now . Submit this one under “W” for “Why didn’t anybody think about this prior to?” Siemens and the transportation company Scania have actually teamed up to translate the 19th century electrical trolley into a 21st century electric highway for trucks. The system has actually been undergoing tests on the E16 highway in Gävle, Sweden, and simply last month Scania took the inaugural two-kilometer drive with among its G 360 4 x 2 trucks. (Note: We did very first cover this concept in 2014.) Those of you familiar with trolleys will acknowledge one crucial trouble in crossing the electrical highway idea from mass transit over to trucks. Urban public transportation routes are repaired along a fairly restricted variety of long-term paths, however trucks can travel anywhere permitted by their weight and size. Stringing up a whole country with overhead wires would be impractical, but one option is to focus the electrical highway idea on crucial shipping passages and ports. Hybrid trucks would deploy their diesel engines somewhere else, and connect to the wires when they combine onto an electric highway. Siemens is a partner on the interesting solution to electrify trucks, and the objective is to allow as much electrical driving as possible. The concept would be to have an auxiliary battery that stores enough energy to allow a …
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