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Perth-based landscaper includes Foton truck to fleet

Perth landscaping company, New Development, has added a second Foton truck to its growing fleet. According to New Growth owner, Rob Trinder, the purchase of the 2 Foton trucks belongs to a business technique to reduce costs, include flexible automobiles and grow his business. “& ldquo; I was at Bunnings one day and I saw a chap in among these Fotons, he was from an engineering business and I asked him about them and the story sounded pretty intriguing,” & rdquo; he said, citing that the first Foton truck was bought more than a year earlier. “& ldquo; He was amazed and had been running his truck for a couple of years, so it definitely got my interest, then when I looked a bit more the Cummins engine, the rates and the load carrying capacity all struck a chord. “& ldquo; We pack them up with tools, soil sand, cement, lumber, the entire lot and you can still drive it securely and legitimately, which you cannot finish with a ute, and more notably you can drive it on an automobile licence which is necessary for my men, who are landscapers not truck motorists.” & rdquo; The 2 Foton trucks are fitted with 2 steel trays and include a high-output Cummins 2.8 ISF Engine, which produces optimal power of Power 110kW @ 2900 rpm and 360 Nm of torque. Forging strong relationships has actually enabled SRT Logistics to service a few of Australia’s many time-conscious companies while battling with Tasmania’s unpredictable environment, difficult landscape and the troubled Bass Strait. Keep up to date on the current news and developments in the industrial roadway transportation market. Register to CRT News today to get a FREE weekly E-newsletter provided directly to your inbox … See all stories on this topic XPO Logistics and BOC sign LNG fuel contract The very first XPO Logistics LNG-powered trucks in the UK are now being refuelled at BOC’s brand-new melted natural gas(LNG)refuelling station in Teesport, Middlesbrough. Opened just recently by BOC, the UK’s leading commercial gases and medical gases business, the station

is designed to serve BOC’s fleet of 11 dual

fuel HGV cars carrying commercial gases from the BOC Middlesbrough plant to consumers in the surrounding area. This service is likewise readily available to 3rd parties by arrangement. XPO Logistics is trialling dual fuel technology as part of its dedication to develop sustainable logistics solutions door to door. The business has actually purchased 10 dual fuel(LNG and diesel-powered)trucks and is one of the first third parties to sign up to access the Teesport station to refuel for its LNG requirements. The station incorporates the latest’absolutely no loss’refuelling technology established by BOC, a member of The Linde Group. This uses cryogenic cooling to’temperature-condition’ the fuel simply prior to giving. Dual fuel is an ingenious innovation that allows natural gas to be made use of in conjunction with diesel, reducing the overall intake of diesel and cutting CO2 emissions. LNG typically represents up to 60 per-cent of overall fuel usage for a dual-fuel car. Diesel produces around 2.6 kg of CO2 for each litre burned, whereas LNG, when used with diesel in a dual fuel automobile, normally reduces CO2 emissions by 10 to 14 per cent. Ian Marguet, General Supervisor, Bulk UK and Ireland for XPO Logistics, said:”We are delighted with the support that BOC has actually supplied as we explore the potential of LNG as a clean alternative fuel to diesel within our heavy truck and tanker fleet. XPO Logistics shares BOC’s dedication to eco-friendly transport practices.”Mark Lowe, LNG Company Manager, BOC, stated: “BOC is exceptionally pleased to offer XPO Logistics access to this vital, environmentally friendly alternative to diesel at our brand-new LNG refuelling … See all stories on this topic

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