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P.S.I. launches brand-new website|Equipment content from Fleet Owner

FleetOwner Buyers’ Guide Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) introduced a new site, which the company states offers clients, as well as each visitor to the site, “& ldquo; a wealth of details & rdquo; about the business and automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS). According to the business, resources readily available on the site consist of an ATIS ROI calculator adapted to any fleet group, videos and downloads covering maintenance and installation of the P.S.I. automatic tire inflation systems, and a new platform to discover parts and kits for replacement and retrofit requirements. There is also a link to the Office Fleet Tire Digest, a guide to reducing office tire expenditures, published month-to-month by P.S.I. According to the company, a recently produced corporate video showcasing P.S.I.’& rsquo; s workplace culture embodies the company’& rsquo; “s core values– & ldquo; Attitude is Everything,” “& rdquo; & ldquo; Dare to Rise, & rdquo; & ldquo; Never Quit & rdquo; and & ldquo; Whatever it Takes. & rdquo; Tim Musgrave, president and CEO describes: & ldquo; Each of our full time workers are asked to choose the coin they would love to carry and they are challenged, when they accept the coin, to let its message make a distinction in their lives with their God, their household and their fellow workers.” & rdquo; P.S.I. started the original patents for an automatic tire inflation system for office rides more than 20 years ago and today this item classification is recognized for the benefits it offers truck fleets in decreased downtime, improved fuel efficiency and lower expenses, the business said. The addition, in 2006, of ThermALERT to the Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I. enhanced security by warning drivers of prospective catastrophic extreme wheel end heat, the company said … See all stories on this topic FirstEnergy’s new aerial bucket truck takes lineworkers to new heights(images)| First Energy’s brand-new aerial truck takes employees as much as 200 feet. See a demo of the business’s newest and biggest car called The Bronto. (PD/Video Marvin

Fong)CLEVELAND, Ohio– FirstEnergy Corp.’s transmission line business has a new device to deal with the damage caused by serious storms and high winds– a pail truck big enough to take line workers as high as 200 feet in the air, the altitude of the big transmission towers. Standard pail trucks reach up about 45 feet. The Bronto, so called due to the fact that it appears like a brontosaurus dinosaur, is bigger than any other of the company’s bucket trucks. In truth, it’s the biggest ride in the FirstEnergy fleet. Weighing in at 78,000 pounds, the monster packs a digitally controlled leveling system designed to keep it sure-footed as its arm skyrockets skyward. But it’s not simply big. It’s muscular. The truck can take up to 1,000 pounds to the tower tops. And it’s quick. In addition to agile. The Bronto can enter tighter locations, and can be operational in less than 5 minutes, stated FirstEnergy spokesperson Mark Durbin. Technically the commercial property of the American Transmission Systems, Inc., a FirstEnergy subsidiary, the $1.3 million Bronto is based at the Illuminating Co.’s Brooklyn Line Shop on Ridge Roadway. The truck, which is now operated by a specially experienced seven-worker crew, will be available to work in any of FirstEnergy’s companies from Ohio to New Jersey and Maryland. Other teams are being trained. The Bronto changes an older lift truck, the 170-foot tall Condor, which was in the fleet for about 25 years. The company expects a similar life time for the Bronto, stated Durbin. Kimble Manufacturing Business of New Philadelphia, Ohio, made the truck’s framework. Bronto Skylift of Finland produced the aerial lift in Europe and shipped it to its U.S. subsidiary in Florida where it was joined with the chassis. European fire engine use Bronto Skylift devices, stated Durbin. And yes, ratepayers wi … See all stories on this subject

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