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Our View: Fall River’s unsustainable garbage truck bonding

… hook for $5.8 million in primary and interest for the $5.3 million in loans it took out throughout the Flanagan administration to bolster the garbage truck fleet.See all stories onthis topic TSN Advertising Reveals Success of Coors Light 3D Truck Extension Project Coors Light, a long-time client of TSN Marketing, has actually been leveraging their fleet of trucks and the 3D truck extension to market in L.a. Now, multiple 3D truck extensions will be added to the fleet, extending and broadening the project. TSN Marketing concentrates on coupling its customers with local, big delivery trucks for high-visibility ad solutions. Taking advantage of truckside advertisements, TSN Marketing helps companies get interest everywhere they go. By utilizing their signature InfinityWrap ™ technology, TSN Marketing has the ability to help business of all sizes get billboard exposure for less expense. For the Coors Light task, TSN Advertising partnered with a fleet of compatible trucks, and they partnered with a production center to assist with the 3D development. The 3D truck extensions for Coors Light develop attention-grabbing, rolling art pieces in which half of each truck illustrates the Rocky Mountains, and the other half shows a beer can.” While speaking with a few of the drivers, they informed us that there hasn’t been a shipment where this unique ad doesn’t get looks,” stated the TSN Advertising group. According to the drivers, people often ask about the InfinityWrap ™ and take pictures of the trucks. TSN Advertising and Coors Light continue to work closely as the brand unveils a brand-new marketing method in 2016. More info can be found at About TSN Marketing       TSN Advertising offers an innovative, high-visibility advertising platform that connects customers around the country with regional, big delivery van, resulting   in extremely efficient truckside branding and promotional solutions. Contact:     Eric Zdenek     TSN Marketing     Phone: 424-217-2740     Email     Facebook:    Site: Image-    Picture-http://phot…See all stories on this subject

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