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Now working with: Diesel Mechanic for dump truck fleet maintenance

Kadon Trucking Inc. is trying to find a Diesel Mechanic to join the Fleet Maintenance Department in carrying out BIT examinations, services, preventative …
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A genius concept for IFTA/IRP supervisors

A few days ago, I saw a quote by Albert Einstein who apparently proclaimed, “The hardest thing to understand on the planet is the earnings tax.” I guess Albert never ever needed to file a fuel income tax return or license a truck. There is no 30-second elevator pitch to discuss the intricacies of fleet tax compliance. By ‘fleet taxes’ I suggest the wide variety of taxes and charges that truck fleets typically need to pay, consisting of fuel taxes, car registration costs, journey permits, HVUT and sales tax on devices, repair works and services that may have to be prorated and paid to jurisdictions where you run your vehicle. You do not have to be a genius to understand fleet taxes, however you do have to commit time and resources to discovering them. It’s constantly fantastic to me how companies will spend a fortune on preparation and preparing business income tax return, yet devote little or no resources at all to fleet tax compliance. Why? One factor is the worry– or lack thereof– of a tax audit. While company owner quake in their boots at the idea of the CRA or Internal Revenue Service knocking on their door, how many fleets really have their IFTA or IRP returns audited? I’ll tell you: it’s 3 % annually. That’s a drop in the pail and a put in the face to businesses that do purchase fleet tax compliance. Another factor companies pay so little interest is they see fleet taxes as consumption taxes– piece of cake charges to be paid rather of managed. In charge states to submit the documentation, write the cheque and get the job done. Oh, and make sure we pay just exactly what we owe, not a penny more. If you’re in charge of fuel taxes, automobile registration and permits at your fleet, you understand this is simpler stated than done. Take fuel taxes, for instance. State you run throughout Western Canada and, for argument’s sake, fuel costs $1 per litre. You’ll pay 13 % fuel tax to Alberta, 15 % to Saskatchewan, and a massive 26.67 % to B.C. That’s a lot of cents to keep track of. In addition, everybody’s fleet-tax s.
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