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Nissan Titan Uses Finest Pickup Service warranty in America

How do you persuade people to rely on the most recent pickup truck on the marketplace? If you’re Nissan, you offer the biggest bumper-to-bumper warranty in the industry on your most recent pickup offerings. Nissan has actually simply announced it will be extending a brand-new limited warranty to match what it already offers on its industrial vans– a five-year/100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on all 2017 Titan and Titan XD designs that beats the competitors, all of which provide three-year/36,000-mile programs. To read what we thought of the brand-new half-ton 2017 Nissan Titan, click on this link. This strong move is clearly created to communicate Nissan’s confidence to both the personal-use and fleet purchaser who may not recognize with Nissan pickups. Cars covered by the brand-new service warranty, that includes fundamental and powertrain coverage, consist of all 2017 Titan Stamina V-8 gas models and Cummins V-8 turbo-diesel Titan XD designs in 4×4 or 4×2 setups and team- or regular-cab form. Both 2017 pickups are set up to start coming to Nissan car dealerships later in August. Manufacturer images     Wow. 100,000 miles and all others offer 36,000 miles. I am seriously considering a Titan now. 1. a service warranty is absolutely nothing more than a guarantee that automobile makers make to do something in the future. 2. fleet managers are increasingly utilizing 3 year lease terms. 5 year service warranties will have no effect on those decisions. I have actually discovered the sales of the brand-new trucks to be, to put it perfectly, abysmal. Nissans method of offering the top of the line, short bed, 60k designs as their preliminary entry appears to be rather brief spotted. The design I’m waiting to see is the King Taxi, 8 foot bed Pro4X. They have to also provide roofing clearance lights and a power sun roofing system. Their present appears to be taking permanently. Something else they may wan na consider: for about 55k, you can get a Ram 2500, w/Cummins, the Outdoorsman package, sun roofing system, seating for 5, about 700 pounds more payload, 5k lbs more pulling … the list goes on and on. Kinda hard to contend versus that … The XD is too expensive and too heavy. Other then that, whats to complain about? This guarantee “warranties” that the brand-new Titan will regulate way much better resale value than any Ford. @papajim- 3 year terms are alright and dandy, but 26k mi is nothing fr a work/fleet truck. I used to do that each and every year going to consumer sites. @papa jim Item 1: You’re ideal and I put that to the test with the Tundra I utilized to own. Toyota paid about $17,000 worth of repair works; they paid to fix the lots of problems however it didn’t change my understanding of the truck– when I compare build quality and some parts to my 2012 Highlander, I now see why my Tundra was considerably even worse in regards to QDR than other trucks in its class. That’s definitely a great initial step and I would seriously consider a brand-new Titan, however it take years to gain a credibility for quality. Ideally, Nissan will not pinch cents on the truck like Toyota performs with the Tundra. Does Nissan make you service the truck at a dealer and if it’s not done to the letter of the warranty it’s void? Keep in mind Dodges life time warranty BS a few years back. @papa jim- I DID read exactly what you posted- “fleet supervisors are significantly utilizing 3 year lease terms. Five year guarantees will have no impact on those choices” To which I reacted (I’ll confess with typo- 26 ought to have been 36) “3 year terms are fine and dandy, however 26k mi is absolutely nothing fr a work/fleet truck. I utilized to do that each and every year running to client sites.” Possibly I wasn’t as particular as I needed to be- 36,000 mile warranties are absurd for those that actually run trucks for work. Trucks will be out of service warranty half-way through that 3-year lease term (or quicker). That’s why Nissan’s 60mo/100k mi warranty is useful to even 3-year lese clients. 1. Motor swimming pools that lease 3 year/36k aren’t going to assign those automobiles to someone who drives 30k miles per year. The high mileage drivers will be assigned older vehicles from the motor swimming pool that are currently paid off. 2. Motor pools that rent can still opt out of the 3/36 and purchase the automobile outright at any time. Have a look at how industrial operations use rolling stock. Your earlier remark did not hold up. Well a minimum of the brand-new titan can declare it is the very best at SOMETHING. This brand-new truck has actually been such a terrible flop. I do not think the non xd variation will achieve success either. This truck is 10 years too late. 100,000 mile warranty is cool and all, however it is truly no better IMO than an additional $2,000 discount rate at purchase, which is extremely easy to accomplish. I have actually never ever had a repair over $2,000 on any vehicle with less than 100,000 miles. @Beebe: It cost $9200 to have the rusting bed changed in my Tundra. The Webcam Tower repair has to do with $2k along with the front differential and one axle. Parts + about $120 an hour accumulate quickly. @papa jim- seriously- what sort of vocation/fleet/whatever runs a truck only 40miles a day??? A car or pickup in a big city (local or energy company) that drives 20 miles each day is doing it at typical speeds around 25-30 miles per hour and rarely would go beyond 20 miles daily. They idle in traffic congestion, they are parked while the services are delivered. Part of the requirement for longer warranties – whether preliminary bumper-to-bumper or factory extended service plans – are the in creased usage of electronics to manage even the most minor things. Wasn’t all that long back when making a wiper blade modification simpler indicated turning the key on, starting the wipers, then killing the ignition mid-stroke to make the blades much easier to reach. Now with computer system controls (and push-button starting), there’s no way to do that – the computer system believes “oh, you need to have forgotten to turn the wipers off, I’ll do it for you” and cycles the wipers back to their park position, even if the secret (if you still have one) is in your hand. It’s to the point where even base/work-trim trucks have excess electronic devices that can take major components with them if they SNAFU without caution. And with labor rates, diagnostics, etc, you require those high-mile guarantees to make sure some 10mm chip someplace does not leave you and your 3-4 years of age rig stranded in West Nowhere. @papa jim- around here (city Detroit) its 3-5 miles to get anywhere, each time you turn the key. Run backward and forward for parts etc, miles pile up. Ram has actually posted a quick statement to react to Nissan’s brand-new 5 year/100,000 mile warranty on the new Titan. Introduced in 2003 and quickly called the “Big Three Killer” by some experts– who also applied the name to the Toyota Tundra– it was relaunched to the sound of crickets in 2014. Ram today composed that they have “America’s longest-lasting pickups,” an insurance claim “backed by information gathered by third-party vehicle-registration authority IHS Automotive.” They kept in mind that Rams come with a three year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, with a 5 year, 60,000 mile powertrain warranty (diesel powered trucks and vans get a 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain service warranty. GM and Ram owners will definitely buy this truck as their present trucks are warranty problems !!! @NoQDRTundra we get it, you hate the Tundra. There is a scary story for every pickup ever produced, just because you had some bad luck doesn’t imply every Tundra Toyota produced is lousy. Your concerns sound like the earlier Tundra 07-09) concerns, the front diff (covered under a TSB) issue was an early model concern. At least the dealership covered your repairs, I have actually had some big 3 buddies that have actually had service warranty insurance claims rejected from dealerships mentioning “abuse” for the reason for the damage, which is NOT covered under warranty. I see more low mileage brand-new (2015+) Ford’s and GM trucks resting on dealer lots than any other Truck brand name. My regional dealership has a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali with 2,300 miles on it that somebody sold, most likely because it has the GM shake. I see a great deal of low mileage Ecoboost F150’s (aluminum body style) on the lots likewise with less than 10,000 miles on them. Gm Ford or Ram sell 10 times more pick up than Toyota it’s regular some are trde in with low milleage and sometime it’s a pick up utilized as demonstrator. (Asian sells so little they need only one demonstrator) It’s stupid to think since you see low milleage truck on dealership lot, they are crap. I’m unsure how Nissan’s low sales numbers will ever cover their investment or perhaps break; mathematically no however for pride … well possibly!? A bit like Toyota, they need their mid-sizer to help with low Tundra sales … Ford’s one brand F-series Aug YTD sales still outguns unsteady GOVT motor’s 2 x brand names by nearly 5 000 devices … this will just broaden with the arrival of Ford’s new HD’s … Powered by By utilizing this website, you accept our regards to service|© & copy; 2014|Privacy Declaration|Contact United States
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