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New Zealand fleet purchases new TRT low loader

New Zealand transportation business, DG Glenn, has recently taken delivery of a new Rows-of-8 low loader made by fellow Kiwi business, Tidd Ross Todd (TRT). The distinctive yellow 3×8 has provision for a ‘Clip On’ fourth steering axle module and includes 17.5″ axles by German supplier BPW on TIDD double acting hydraulic suspension. According to TRT, the deck length is 11.47 m and widens from 2.5 m out to 4.2 m, boasting 2.8 m long heavy-duty ramps. Apparently, the ‘& lsquo; Live & rsquo; hydraulic compensating gooseneck was a significant factor Glenn selected TRT for its new low loader system, which will run off freeway in the rugged terrain around Hawkes Bay on the east coast of the North Island. Maintain to date on the latest news and developments in the business road transport market. Register to CRT News today to get a FREE weekly E-newsletter provided directly to your inbox … See all stories on this topic

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