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New Innovation Clean Diesel Trucks with Near No Emissions Now Make Up 41% of Class 3-8 …

“The U.S. trucking fleet is transitioning to more recent clean diesel innovation which means instant fuel cost savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air,” stated Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Innovation Online forum.    “This most recent generation of clean diesel trucks have nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions that are 99 percent lower than previous generations together with 98 percent fewer emissions of particulate matter, resulting in considerable clean air advantages throughout the United States “Due to the fact that diesel overwhelmingly dominates the sturdy truck sector and is likewise the top source of power for medium-duty cars, the transition to newer generations of clean diesel innovation is considerable.    Beyond the clean air benefits, Model Year 2010 and more recent trucks also achieve 3 to 5 percent enhancements in fuel economy and lower emissions of greenhouse gases. “There are now four states – – Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma and Texas – where more than 50 percent of the registered diesel trucks are the more recent cleaner trucks.    And in 2015, Oregon had the biggest boost in the nation of newer diesel truck registrations with a 35 percent increase over 2014.    California has the biggest fleet of business truck registrations on an absolute number basis, however, it ranks near the bottom for adoption of more recent trucks on a portion basis, based on our analysis.” How Do Newer Diesels Accomplish Near No Emission Levels? In December 2000, EPA promoted a guideline that established strict standards designed to lower emissions from on-road sturdy trucks and buses by as much as 95 percent and to cut the allowed levels of sulfur in diesel fuel by 97 percent by 2010.    To accomplish these new standards, the brand-new clean diesel system depends on an effective engine and combustion system using the most sophisticated fuel-injection, turbocharging and engine management methods paired with sophisticated emissions controls and after-treatment technologies consisting of particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, all operating on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. Indiana, Utah & Oklahoma Have Highest Portion of Clean Diesel Trucks … New Technology Diesel Trucks States by Percentage (MY 2007 & Newer) Class 3-8 State Percentage 1) Indiana 61.6% 2) Utah 54.5% 3) Oklahoma 53.9% 4) Texas 50.9% 5) Wyoming 49.5% 6) Montana 46.7% 7) Maryland 46.1% 8) Louisiana 46.1% 9) Illinois 45.6% 10) Wisconsin 44.9% National Portion 42.1% (Diesel Innovation Forum analysis based upon IHS Automotive 2015 cars in operation data, December 2015; ranked by share) Indiana, Oklahoma & Utah Have Greatest Percentage of Post-2010 Clean Diesel Trucks … New Technology Diesel Trucks States by Portion (MY 2011 & Newer) Class 3-8 State Portion 1) Indiana 46.0% 2) Oklahoma 38.7% 3) Utah 36.3% 4) Texas 31.4% 5) Nebraska 30.8% 6) Montana 30.6% 7) Wyoming 30.3% 8) Pennsylvania 29.0% 9) Maryland 28.6% 10) Tennessee 28.5% National Portion 25.7% Oregon, Oklahoma & Delaware Have Fastest Development of Clean Diesel Trucks … New Technology Diesel Trucks MY 2007 & Newer (2015 vs. 2014) Class 3-8 State Percentage 1) Oregon +35.4% 2) Oklahoma +19.8% 3) Delaware +19.7% 4) South Carolina +19.7% 5) California +19.4% 6) Washington +19.0% 7) Idaho +18.7% 8) Indiana +18.6% 9) Georgia +18.5% 10) New Jersey +18.4% (Diesel Technology Forum analysis based upon IHS Automotive 2015 automobiles in operation data, December 2015; ranked by portion growth) Connect with the Diesel Technology Online forum For the most recent insights and info from the leaders in clean diesel innovation, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @DieselTechForum, or YouTube @DieselTechForum and get in touch with us on LinkedIn.    Get it all by signing up for our newsletter Diesel Direct for a weekly wrap-up of clean diesel news, policy analysis and more direct to your inbox. ABOUT THE DIESEL TECHNOLOGY ONLINE FORUM The Diesel Innovation Forum is a non-profit national company committed to raising awareness about the significance of diesel engines, fuel and technology. Forum members are leaders in clean diesel technology and represent the three crucial elements of the contemporary clean-diesel system: sophisticated engines, vehicles and devices, cleaner diesel fuel and emissions-control systems. To find out more visit Contact: Steve Hansen 301-668-7230 (o) 202-355-3664 (c) (View this news release online here.) Available Subject Expert: For info on the listed specialist, click proper link. Allen Schaeffer ProfNet – Logo design –     To see the original variation on PR Newswire, visit: SOURCE Diesel Technology Online forum
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Fraikin truck fleet trial A breakthrough hybrid truck system from French transport tech developer Adgero will be trialled on UK delivery routes in coming weeks, marking the very first time a stiff lorry will be changed into a hybrid using Adgero’s regenerative braking technology. Adgero just recently signed an agreement with Fraikin, one of the biggest industrial vehicle fleet services business in the UK, to supply the Adgero UltraBoost hybrid system to boost effectiveness through fuel cost savings, extra power and lowered emissions for stiff lorry applications. Fraikin will provide the Iveco Euro VI test vehicle equipped with Adgero’s Kinetic Energy Healing System (KERS) technology to the British division of a leading worldwide logistics business for use on its metropolitan UK delivery paths, including Greater London. To complete the demonstrator project Adgero is also partnering with Alternatech, a leading Compressed Gas (CNG) conversion firm based in the UK. President of Adgero Mack Murray stated it was important that the demonstrator trial would such as shipment paths in London, thinking about the city’s efforts to tackle diesel car emissions: “We are happy to partner with Fraikin and Alternatech to offer the very first stiff truck application of our innovation to a market leader in logistics. Our solution will assist show the effectiveness that business can realise through reduced fuel intake and higher power.” “Car emissions are a significant issue for London and Adgero is pleased to be dealing with part of the option. We look forward to checking out the future of our application on other paths and cars in the weeks and months to come.” The hybrid solution is predicted to lower fuel intake and associated emissions by up to 15-30 percent. During braking, the unit becomes a generator, recovering kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost as heat. This energy is then saved in a bank of 5 high-power graphene-based ultracapacitors, solely supplied by Europe …
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