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Unfavorable business sentiment and lower dollar drives fall in truck sales for September quarter

Truck sales are down from the same time last year on the back of aggravating business belief and a lower New Zealand dollar which had pushed rates higher. Data from the NZ Transport Agency shows sales of really heavy trucks were down 23 % from the exact same month last year and 18 % below their 2014 level. Road user charges for extremely heavy automobiles have actually likewise fallen nearly 7 % since September 2014. Although the decrease in the New Zealand dollar could explain the truck sales information, Infometrics senior economist Benje Patterson states negative business sentiment is also a contributing element. “The New Zealand dollar coming off its mid-year highs is starting to put upward pressure on truck rates however at the same time we have businesses reporting in a variety of surveys that they are uncertain about the instant outlook.” Negative business belief in the rural sector has actually driven the fall in heavy truck sales, Mr Patterson states. “That’s particularly the case in trucking for logistical companies that are struggling at the minute or anticipated to have a hard time a little, such as companies in local locations that are exposed to the dairy sector, to mining as well as, to a degree, to forestry.” Provided an unsure outlook, companies like forestry are postponing decisions about whether to invest in capital such as heavy trucks up until the macro environment looked more positive, Mr Patterson states. “There are expectations that a few of the volatility we have seen in forestry prices might continue and avoid harvesting activity. Even if actual volumes carted don’t fall a lot, you are going to be less ready to invest in updating or broadening your fleet.” Truck sales in general, however, are at historically high levels because of a more positive outlook in other industries which assists to balance out the gloom around the dairy products sector. “The building sector, cultivation and also manufacturing are broadening with the lower dollar.” Ute sales, on the other hand, have actually shown durable, up 2.4 % from a ye …
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Isotrak announces partnership with Opturion

Fleet management telematics professional, Isotrak, has partnered with optimisation technology business Opturion, to assist deliver a complete telematics system for Australian transportation operators. According to Isotrak, with Opturion’& rsquo; s optimisation platform totally incorporated with Isotrak’& rsquo; s fleet management software, ATMSi (Active Transport Management System), clients will now take advantage of the convergence of real-time fleet telematics and Opturion’& rsquo; s combination of technology, power and flexibility –– all on a single platform. “& ldquo; At Isotrak, we are continuously taking a look at ways to much better our solution,” & rdquo; said Harry Mullan, Vice President of Company Advancement for Isotrak Australia. “& ldquo; With our brand-new collaboration, mission important telematics and logistics data moves easily across the whole transport organization to offer our clients the most efficient option for both proactive management and rapidly adjusting to unexpected changes in the day, in real-time.” & rdquo; According to Isotrak, the ATMSi analyses information and offers a real-time view of the efficiency of automobiles and drivers –– consisting of that last mile to the back of shops. Meanwhile, the Opturion Routing Module makes it possible for companies to carry freight with optimal efficiency and very little costs. “& ldquo; Isotrak is the perfect partner to aid Opturion meet the unique needs of fleets everywhere,” & rdquo; stated Alan Dormer, CEO of Opturion. “& ldquo; Combining the speed and dependability of Opturion’& rsquo; s innovation with Isotrak & rsquo; s advanced telematics platform produces the utmost fleet management and functional optimisation option that the market hasn’& rsquo; t experienced before.” & rdquo; Keep up to date on the latest news and developments in the business roadway transport industry. Register to CRT News today to get a FREE weekly E-newsletter provided straight to your inbox … See all stories on this subject

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