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Advancement or Creation? Take a taken apart motor car engine and put it in a container. Shake for 1 million years. If you don’t have a running car already simply accept God. evolution or production take a dismantled motor automobile engine and put it in a container shake for 1 million years if you do not have a running vehicle already simply accept god quote text amusing parody haha humor internet cool geek amazing lol humorous fun nerd sarcasm memes meme cute video game love joke laugh funny retro humour rofl ha lmao entertaining graphic hipster nerdy geeky witty hot vintage Receive special deals and incredible artist news and content right to your inbox. Free for your convenience … See all stories on this subject 1991 BMW 318iS: Owner has altered virtually everything in his ’91 BMW, except the paint As much as Bob Dye suches as the 1991 BMW 318iS he acquired in 2010, he had an urge to remodel the engine, the transmission and other elements of the automobile making it distinctively his own. He desired an automobile that he might take to the track if he so desired or have his daughter drive to the supermarket. So a couple of years into driving his inline four-cylinder BMW from his house in Overland Park to his

task at Johnson County Community College, Dye decided to alter the engine and drive line.”Somebody

was offering a V-8 engine, and my son stated we much better go check this out, “Dye stated. “In a true street-rod fashion, I have taken the engine(and )transmission from a larger, late-model vehicle and shoe-horned it in.” I had a mechanic do it at Kansas City AutoSport in Merriam. They did the engine swap.” Color delighted in dealing with the vehicle with his kid, Jared. Part of the enjoyable of changing the engine was the challenge.”My son knows that I am always as much as do something that hasn’t been done,”Dye said. “We have tripled the horse power and the torque.” We did the drivetrain swap in 2012 and after that we did the suspension and brakes the next year. I work for a living so I have to spread the cost of it out.”When Dye raises the hood to reveal the engine, it is easy to see the pride he has in what he and his son have actually accomplished. Color confesses some individuals are surprised when he shows them the engine and ask why he put such a big one in his BMW. “They think it must be a genuine turkey to drive,” he stated. Dye ensures them it is not. He points out that the all-aluminum V-8 engine weighs about the like a six-cylinder engine. But the power is a lot greater. The horse power had to do with 135 and now is 280. And that implies more speed. Dye said the vehicle can increase to 150 miles per hour, however he has never checked it at that speed. “This vehicle is perfectly well balanced and completely proportioned,”Dye said.”It truly is a fun automobile to drive.” None of that surprises Dye. He has had other BMWs before b. See all stories on this topic

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