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Monroe Twp. firemens expected to be OKAY after fire truck rollover crash

2 Monroe Area firefighters were injured after their truck overturned on State Route 222 Tuesday afternoon, only 200 yards from the station house. Chief William Jetter stated the 2 guy crew was on their way to a fire alarm at a close-by day camp. See this story “I knew something was wrong,” stated Jamie Ingram. The noise of shrieking wheels sent her hurrying outside her house on State Path 222, just in time to see the fire engine topple. “I was shaking terribly. I was resisting, attempting not to cry because I didn’t understand exactly what I was likelying to show up on. But you simply need to really rapidly realize, straighten up. These individuals need your assistance,” Ingram stated. “They’ve helped me out with my father and mothers. I wouldn’t have it any other method.” Detectives said the wheels dipped off the side of the best shoulder as the truck was headed northbound on State Route 222. They stated the motorist over-corrected, sending the truck off the left side of the street. Inside, firemen Jeff Dawson and his partner, Tim Goodman, were in a state of shock, Ingram stated, but she quickly realized they were going to be OK and assisted them from the busted cab. “Both men are out of the health center. They’re doing very well,” Jetter said Tuesday evening. Regrettably Jetter stated he feared the same won’t be the true for the wrecked engine. It’s the most recent in their fleet and among only a few that can haul 1,000 gallons of water at a time. “We have perhaps a few hydrants, however most of it is a non-hydrant district. And we’re taking a look at a quick knockdown on a fire,” Jetter said. In the meantime, the department will rely on shared aid and backup from their other trucks to complete. “We’ll make it through this. We’re extremely resilient. We have an excellent community, a great Board of Trustees, and that’s how we’ll move forward,” Jetter said. Jetter stated the company that developed the truck failed, so getting replacement parts could be hard. He said it could cost $600,000 to replace the truck completely. The area …
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Council pursues purchase of fire engine for JFD

JACKSON– Just recently, Service/Safety Director William Sheward upgraded council on the fire department’s broken down ladder truck that was in Colum & hellip; Simply put, the video game of league limbo has played out for Jackson High School for an approximated 18 months. Southern Ohio Medical Center just recently received a Medical facility Safety Score of “A,” based on information obtained by The Leapfrog Group as well as & hellip; This the the aerial lift truck the City of Jackson is thinking about purchasing from the Jefferson Municipality Fire Department near Columbus. Council pursues purchase of fire engine for JFD By Felicia Tackett Times-Journal Writer The Jackson County Times-Journal JACKSON– Just recently, Service/Safety Director William Sheward updated council on the fire department’s broken down ladder truck that was in Columbus for repair services, and a potential purchase opportunity to resolve the fire department’s truck problems. Sheward informed council the mechanics in Columbus determined the ladder truck had an engine problem, possibly a head problem, but they weren’t sure exactly what the issue was or just how much it would cost to obtain it fixed. Due to the fact that the city was in limbo with the broken down ladder truck, Sheward explained that the city has an opportunity to purchase a much newer, larger, aerial platform truck to contribute to their fleet. He said the broken down ladder truck is only a 75 foot truck where the aerial platform truck is a 95 foot truck, a 20 foot increase over exactly what they currently have. Sheward informed council that the truck is possessed by Jefferson Municipality in the Columbus area, and they are doing away with it due to staffing reasons. He stated the City of Jackson could get the truck for $425,000. He went on to explain that the Jefferson Township Fire Department acquired the truck five years ago for $800,000, and that the very same truck brand-new today would cost about $1 million. While the truck itself is only 5 years old, Sheward specified the lift was older, however had been entirely reconditioned. J.
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